For Sale: Super Charming Highland Park View Cottage on Eaton

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5054 Eaton St | $729,000 | Property Website

970 SQFT 3,600 LOT

A home of one’s own on the hill with the views, and just a stroll away to eateries, fineries, drinkeries and play. Longing for those nooks, the crannies, built-ins, wood floors, and lots of bubbles in the cheery yellow clawfoot tub! Sending the kiddies to skedaddle to the playhouse…while croonin’ a sweet tune as the viddles are cookin’ in the open farmhouse kitchen.

All-the-while lots of chattin’ happenin’ with guests a’plenty, sittin’ at the farmer’s table under those beams! Dozin’ in the lounger on the deck, feelin’ the breeze of summertime, nose in a novel, while goodies on the griddle sizzle. This is your dream, a home of your own on the hill with the views…come and get it!


  • Sunday 7/16 2p-5pm
  • Sun 7/9: 2-5pm

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