Highland Park man allegedly sold cocaine from a home that served as a daycare center

Highland Park man accused of selling cocaine out of the home where a day care center was being operated

HIGHLAND PARK — A Highland Park man has been charged with allegedly selling 20 kilograms of cocaine out of his home — which was also the site of an unlicensed day care center , the L.A. Times reports.

An undercover agent who went to the home of Felipe Talamante, 48, last month to buy cocaine “noticed that several children were playing in the front yard” and a 2-year-old child was picked up during the deal. In fact, numerous children were seen being dropped off and picked up at the residence when it was under surveillance, according to a federal complaint.

The address of the Talamante’s home was not provided.

Talamante, who is in custody, is scheduled to be arraigned July 16.

In a separate action, L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer has filed a narcotics abatement lawsuit against the owners of the property.

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  1. I’m guessing the little kids didn’t need a nap.

  2. Where about in Highland park was this house located at. What is this world coming to. If they want to destroy their life go ahead but leave this innocent kids out of it. I’m wondering if the parents new what they were doing while in care of their children.

  3. Better get those coffee shops out of Highland Park, things are getting crazy!

    • Actually it’s the opposite. We need more gentrification to wash trash like this away. Who sells drugs with kids present?

  4. Just imagine if Humans lived in Highland Park.

  5. “What did you do at daycare today, mijo?”
    “I played Legos with Jonathan, and then I ate a apple, and then I helped put a bunch of white powder in little baggies.”
    “That’s nice,” mom says, briefly looking up from her smartphone.
    “Mommy, what’s a 8-ball?”

  6. Unbelievable. I drove past 5215 Marmion just today while finding my way to Flour and Yolk for the first time (which I HIGHLY recommend. The food and staff are all gorgeous. Some in fact stunning). It is so sad to know that children were being exposed to crime while just a few blocks away there are people luxuriating in some rather rarified cuisine.

    • That’s HP for you -“crime and cuisine”. Someone should open a restaurant with that name.

      • “Charlie’s Taco’s” implies the same thing. The guy put a pic of El Chapo on the side of his truck…not really sure what drug lords and tacos have in common…maybe because tacos come a country run by drug lords? Or maybe his tacos are “harder” (aka tougher) than the other guys tacos.

  7. I’m glad to hear the city attorney is taking this seriously. That corner down by Avenue 52 and Figueroa (only a few blocks from this house) is riddled with drug action. That 7-11 is ground zero for crack heads. Clear it it. There’s so many children living in that area. Glad to hear someone informed and action was taken. Latino kids deserve clean streets, drug free play areas, etc. just as much as gentrifiers do and that area of Marmion is mostly working class Latinos who are working hard in decent jobs. They deserve more.

  8. Seems in part an off shoot of the intersection of lack of affordable childcare and rising expenses in LA that require both parents to work full time. Can’t imagine any parent would want their kid to be at an unlicensed facility let alone a drug dealing one.

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