How will city spend $1 million to improve safety along the L.A. River path?

Slow sign on L.A. River path

Courtesy Council District 13


ELYSIAN VALLEY — The beleaguered Los Angeles River Shared Path for pedestrians and bikes is getting some long-due good news in the form of $1 million from the city.

But it’s not yet clear how that money will halt years of tension as well as collisions between bikes and pedestrians.

The recent budget that passed through the City Council included $1 million for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety along the path, with the goal of reducing conflict between pedestrians and recreational cyclists. But city representatives are still working out how they’ll do that.

“We are currently forming a working group of neighbors and City staff to inform the process,” a statement from the Council Office for District 13 said.

Last year, a 65-year-old woman who was taking her daily walk along the river ended up in intensive care after being struck from behind by a speeding cyclist. Two years earlier, another female pedestrian received a broken arm in a bike collision. A teenage girl was knocked down two years before that.

All these collisions happened after warning signs had already been posted.

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  1. As a longtime visitor of the LA River, I realize the need for increased safety between peds and bikers, but to spend $1M because 1 person per year gets injured along the 8 mile stretch… seems a little sensational.

    In that same time ~840 people died in LA City due to vehicular related incidents.

  2. wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

    I’m out there every single day — cyclists ride on there like TOTAL assholes. Slow down, fools, you are not Lance Armstrong. The path is meant to be shared, not your g-d damn speedway.

  3. i liked it much better pre-2010 when it was just a wild place.

    now with the bike pate it’s unsafe for pedestrians and those lights have made it impossible for us to enjoy the path and the river under a full moon.

    • I’m with you. I keep hoping that they will take down the pipe rail. What good does that serve? Before they installed it, pedestrians and bikers had freedom to use the slope as well, and everyone managed to stay out of each other’s way. Now we are all confined to the narrow paved path and it is crazy.

  4. If the future Atwater-Griffith Park bridge is any indication, the city will spend the million dollars planning changes then look for another five million from taxpayers so we can overpay to implement it.

  5. Honestly, that money should be used to help place the homeless along the river path. What was once beautiful, has turned into numerous homeless encampments with trash everywhere. I certainly do not feel safe walking the path anymore.

  6. There have actually been more accidents than what is noted here. I know a neighbor who was badly hit by several cyclists & he was on a bike himself. His life will never be the same! I have heard of pets injured. Many of these injuries don’t get reported. the elderly are afraid to be on the path anymore. Mother’s with strollers are yelled at to get off the bike path! I would like to see some sort of education for cyclists and pedestrians to cohabit together on the Elysian Valley Pedestrian/ Bike path. We could also use more stenciling on the path and not just a designated sliver to the side, but on the path, a sharrows for pedestrians on the path and stenciled SLOW for peeps and pets, more signage, speed bumps, humps or rumble strips. Or how about the path on the other side of the river where there is bare bones path now and make it especially for cycling. In the very near future there will be so many people promenading here on the river path with all the activities and cafes etc. that are coming, cyclists will probably have to dismount eventually. Please join us for the next SLOW RIDE Aug. 12th 10 AM from Riverdale, on the path to promote safety for pedestrians!

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