“Road Diet” in the works for Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village

Fletcher Drive road diet in Atwater Village

LADOT Rendering

ATWATER VILLAGE —  City transportation officials on Tuesday night will present plans to improve safety along a nearly mile-long stretch of Fletcher Drive,  including proposals to remove a traffic lane in each direction while adding bike lanes, flashing pedestrian crossing lights as well as a center turn lane.

The changes come a few months after the city eliminated a traffic lane in each direction — called a “road diet” — on Fletcher Drive north of San Fernando Road in Glassell Park.  Now, the city wants to make changes to Fletcher between San Fernando Road on the north and the 5 Freeway on the south, a section that runs primarily through Atwater Village.

Among the proposed changes that are to be presented and discussed:

  • Reducing the number of motor vehicle lanes from 2 to 1 in each direction. That would allow for the creation of a middle turn lane.
  • Add bike lanes in each direction or remove street parking during rush hours to improve traffic flow
  • Install speed feedback signs, flashing pedestrian crossing lights and protected left-hand turn signals
  • Extend the sidewalk or curb into the street at intersections to improve pedestrian safety

The changes are intended to improve safety along Fletcher. But the changes would also slow traffic, with officials estimating that driving times would be delayed by one to two minutes at different points on the street.

Tuesday’s open house will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday, June 13 at the Goodwill Community Enrichment Center, 3150 San Fernando Road.

Proposed Fletcher Drive road diet in Atwater Village

LADOT Rendering

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  1. I’m just waiting for the ‘How horrible, it’ll slow down traffic – it’s armageddon!’ comments that always follow conversations about road diets. The irony.

  2. Expressing your concerns about LADOT’s proposed road diet in person is critical. Please attend the June 13th meeting.

  3. Murders happening every day and no one blinks an eye

    Talk about a road diet and EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR MINDS

    • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore


      Also, people can be concerned with more than ONE issue at a time — SHOCKING, but true.

      • Most humans are barely capable of focusing on something other then smart phones for a second, just as you where easily distracted with a grammar typo. So I find your assertion laughable.

        Most of the old boomer aged folk living in LA couldn’t give a crap about murders (doesn’t affect them) but start taking away their precious roads that they use to haul their fat ass to Vons once a week, well, then you’re going to hear a roaring debate unlike one you’ve ever heard before.

        • Enforce existing traffic laws, simple. Thanks to Waze road diets just push drivers into even more residential areas where they drive very recklessly. Bigger issue in the city is complete lack of traffic enforcement. How often do you see someone pulled over by LAPD in NELA? Even less than encountering cyclists on Rowena I imagine…….

          • A Cop on every corner, writing tickets to pay for a Cop on every corner. LA Police State, great idea.

          • monkeyman: You just grossly exaggerated eastsidearts’s statement, and then you argued against your own wild imagination.

            I can do that, too: I can’t believe you want ZERO police in the city and that you think the only purpose of laws is to generate revenue from those who break them! Brilliant ideas, bro.

          • No, not a cop on every corner……. if there were sufficient traffic enforcement folks would be concerned about the possibility of a cop on every corner and that would be enough for drivers to moderate their behavior. Same with jaywalking, cyclists running stop signs, cars speeding etc. Get it?

    • 20 year resident

      There are many businesses that rely on this area as an efficient corridor for travel , and this road diet will create bottle necks. It is relatively busy when schools discharge students in the afternoons just as rush hour is spiking. Further limiting lanes will only hinder efficient travel. There are also not very many cyclists that use the existing bike lanes I have seen. I think this will just create another traffic nightmare.

      • Not sure what businesses you’re referring to.. I lived Larga for years, only recently has the chicken place popped up. The rest of those businesses are empty throughout the day.

        And while it does back up during school hours, it’s another standard LA Highway for 20 of the 24 hours a day.

        I look forward to the added bike lane, especially connecting it to the LA River bike path.

      • God forbid that cars should slow down near schools that are getting out.

      • I don’t follow your logic. What businesses (besides maybe gas stations and fast food chains) would prefer to operate on a noisy, dangerous high speed arterial highway over a slower speed, bike/walk friendly neighborhood street? Just look at all the other local commercial corridors that have undergone road diets in recent years (York, Virgil, Rowena, 7th) Small businesses is booming!

        • You clearly haven’t owned a business. They key to success is for drivers to whizz by as quickly as possible.

  4. More people in LA die in traffic collisions every year than are murdered… nice to see we’re finally starting to take that a bit more seriously by redesigning some of our neighborhood street for human beings instead of just vehicles.

  5. More like a road buffet! Something for everyone.

  6. 20 year resident

    Slowing down traffic and creating longer periods of grid lock is not very bright. Lost productivity, lost revenues and lost patience are all things you can count on. Also the spike in pollution in this corridor that this idea will surely create is also very short sighted. The Population continues to expand, and limiting traffic to fewer lanes will create more hazards, not less in my opinion.

    This is not NY where public transportation is well thought out and easily accessible. This is LA where the city planners remain clueless and the infrastructure second rate. I hate the road diet idea. I see it as counter productive.

    • Agreed. I would prefer that spare(?) lanes be transformed into bus lanes or other form of public transportation (e.g., Dash) designed to efficiently transport volumes of people from point A to point Z and every convenient point in between. Otherwise, applying “road diets” to L.A. streets is like wedging a square peg into a round hole and will only “enhance” increasing gridlock, pollution, and traffic hazards. Btw, I own several bikes and I don’t trust a cyclist logo and a thick white line to insulate me from the gadget-distraction I regularly see occurring in traffic. I barely trust the dashed lines to do so when I’m in my vehicle.

  7. This sounds like another disaster for the residents of LA.

    • put the USA on a road diet


  8. Getting onto Fletcher from Glendale and making it over the river in either direction is a nightmare at rush hour. I’m a fan of road diets when they make sense but just driving from San Fernando to Glendale/Rowena will be ridiculous if this goes ahead.

    • Evidently no one cares about making life more difficult for people who have to get to work every day. Better to be concerned about non existent cyclists and pedestrians who can’t be trusted with responsibility for their own safety. Not even enough to look up from texting while walking thru a crosswalk. Rowena all over again.

  9. The addition of a turning lane sounds like a good idea though. That might improve the flow of traffic a bit? Nothing worse than getting cut off by someone trying to go around the car waiting to turn left.

  10. Awesome, now time to pedestrianize Fletcher to parallel Glendale in Atwater. Nothing worse than a street lined with parking lots and autobody shops.

  11. And they’ll probably do this while the Hyperion bridge is closed or narrowed during the year or two for costruction. Pure crazy brought to you by overpaid “experts” and the vocal bike activists.

    • It would take like two days to paint the road. Curb extensions would take longer, but wouldn’t close the street completely.

      • They are retrofitting the entire Hyperion bridge to make it seismically safe which will take 2 years. The Spring St bridge Is being retrofitted and after a year and a half isn’t near completion.

        • Oh, I thought your point was that a project on Fletcher would result in two nearby routes being closed simultaneously. Now I don’t know what your point is.

  12. Brilliant idea, two lanes reduced to one, it certainly worked on Rowena, I just love Fletcher north of San Fernando Blvd. where they added a center medium with trees and landscaping at the cost of another traffic lane. when im sitting in one lane back up of traffic it caused I can enjoy the view. It calms my road rage. Why don’t all you car hating Silverlake folks just build a wall to keep all the cars out?

  13. I just hope they add a left-turn signal for traffic turning from San Fernando onto Fletcher.

  14. If you live in Glassell Park, Fletcher is a mandatory / few other realistic options road – and it’s often pretty horrible at two points: a) three-way intersection with Glendale Blvd and b) intersection with San Fernando. It is absurd to consider building yet more barely-used bike lanes and all sorts of other “keep the people who paint lines on streets employed” tactics, and especially to install center turn lanes without actually installing a left-turn light at San Fernando – where traffic is often horrid.

    • I would counter that it’s rarely horrible at those intersections. It’s only bogged down like 8-12% of the day (rush hours).

      San Fernando definitely needs a left-turn light, though. I agree there.

  15. Sergio Lamborghini

    I live right off Fletcher and im about to blow my top at these liberals and their small business corridors. Keep Fletcher ugly!

  16. Its time to fight this lunacy . Go to this website and fight this illegal traffic calming/road diet nonsense.

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