Police warn about late-night street robberies along York and Figueroa


HIGHLAND PARK —  The neighborhood’s nightlife has grown more lively with the arrival of new bars, restaurants and music venues along Figueroa Street and York Boulevard. But now police have issued a warning to the patrons of these establishments and residents in general about a recent string of late-night street robberies.

There have been six robberies along the York and Figueroa corridors in July, with most of them taking place the week of the 15th, said Senior Lead Officer Mark Allen with LAPD’s Northeast Division. The robberies have occurred late at night or in the early morning hours when the bars and restaurants that line the streets are closing, said Allen. Victims have had their phones, wallets and cash taken.

One suspect has been apprehended in relation to a robbery and another suspect is being sought by police. The suspects are described as Latino males in their early 20s. The incidents are not believed to be related, said Allen.

While police often advise persons to walk in pairs late at night, that safety tactic has not deterred these robbers who “are out there searching for someone,” Allen said. In fact,  pairs of victims were robbed in parking lots.

“Robbers are looking for the element of surprise,” Allen said.  “When your face is buried in your phone or you’re not paying attention is when you can become a victim. Just be vigilant and know your surroundings.”

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. Bigbadmandomedina

    Buahahahah yea gentrification cleaned up the neighborhood NOT hipsters getting jacked

    • When y’all are done robbing people how long do you have to ride the bus to get back to where you can afford to live? lol be honest

    • Your lack of awareness regarding who are the actual victims here is pretty funny. LA doesn’t get snow but there’s a white out in process and low level street crime isn’t going to stop it.

    • Bahuahaha. You lost your Barrio and the only thing you can do about it is cry on discussion forums.

  2. The sooner the neighborhood fully gentrifies, the better! We need more people willing to call the police when crimes are committed instead of turning a blind eye or demonstrating complacency to gang membership.

  3. lets get some 24/7 camera monitoring in the area, catch even those taggers. Make them think twice,

  4. How about LAPD just does their JOB !!! No this does not mean we want an overt police presences on York or Figueroa. I.e Foot Patrols.

    At an average of $90k per LAPD officer , I think the community should hold them to task.

    Again this does not mean harassing the local citizenry but it does mean serving the community.

  5. Highland Park is still the ghetto, even if it’s just wearing a little lipstick these days. Bring in the police foot patrol to keep the streets safe!

    • If you believe HLP is still the ghetto you must not have traveled very much……..

      • Highland Park = “Lipstick on a pig” ghetto = gang killings on Monte Vista, late night robberies, car thefts, gang injunction zone, endless graffiti, homeless on street and in parks. If you don’t think those factors equate to a ghetto, maybe you need to travel outside of east and northeast Los Angeles.

        • I feel like that describes every city in califorina. Even places like SF and Sacramento have all those problems you mentioned. It’s par for the course of living in this state

          • You are not being honest with yourself. First off, Highland Park is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. SF and Sacramento too have neighborhoods; some of those neighborhoods being ghettos as well. But when your neighborhood looks like a neighborhood out of the movie “Friday” and it’s in a gang injunction zone, it safe to say that it’s a ghetto. Is Highland Park improving? Yes, but it’s still a long way from a safe, respectable neighborhood where you can safely walk your dog at night without fear of getting harassed or robbed.

          • @HLPBoss you must be from the midwest I bet. Every part of Cali looks like this. You think this is ghetto? I can’t help but laugh. Never been to a real ghetto neighborhood where you get shot as soon as you leave your house? Try East Oakland or Vallejo. This whole state of overrun with overdosing homeless people and graffiti everywhere. I lived all over this state and it’s always the same. Maybe Beverley Hills will be pristine enough for you but everywhere else these are the realities you have to deal with. Get real man.

          • Realmonty. You’re obviously not from California,because no one from here ever says Cali.

        • Hmmmm, proves nothing. South side of Chicago, yes. In comparison HLP is no big deal.

          • Ok, you’re right. Highland Park is exactly the same as ALL the other neighborhoods and cities in California. I wonder why people are willing to pay 2-3x more to live in neighborhoods directly adjacent to Highland Park?

          • This really is an enlightening site, isn’t it? Here is the page for Searches of specific areas:


            Lower down on that same page you can also set up free email notification of areas where crime has recently occurred anywhere from 1/2 to 2 miles from a location such as your home or business. I believe these notifications can keep people updated on sudden increase in car thefts, break-ins, etc.

  6. HLP is gentrifying. Soon you’ll be priced out. Your mom’s minimum wage salary won’t be enough to cut it. Homeboys, enjoy your small victories while it lasts.

    • Maybe you should look at echo park, which has been “gentrifying” for nearly 20 years and still hasn’t cleaned up that much. you can get robbed there just as easy as HP. I wouldn’t use money in a knife fight.

  7. I don’t get what the “anti-gentrification” folks want. When they make snide comments like “LOL HLP is still the ghetto suckas” it makes gentrification even more desirable. They are literally arguing that the area remain shitty as if that’s the “way it is”. Guess what? These neighborhoods are going to be 100x nicer when all the thugs and cholos are replaced with civilized people.

    • So you don’t understand why people are anti-gentrification, huh? Well then, just look out your brightly colored pastel front door, past the slated horizontal fence and succulents and pretend, just pretend that your property value will actually DECREASE as a result of gentrification.
      …you have now lost something. Its now effecting you financially. Are you for IT or against IT??

      • You can’t lose something if you never owned it. That’s why it’s called rent. Why didn’t these anti-gentrifiers buy here when houses were dirt cheap. Don’t get pissed at me for your poor decisions.

        • That’s a great point. If you are a renter, you have no stake in the neighborhood. You can literally pick up and move at the drop of a hat and not look back. When you buy a home in a neighborhood, you pay a mortgage, property tax, insurance, clear your lot for fire clearance, and win or lose when real estate prices go up or down.

          In my opinion, anti-gentrification = keep the neighborhood down so i can afford to pay as little rent as possible because I’m selfish and self centered and I don’t care about my neighborhood.

          • Your points about home owners having a stake in the neighborhood ring true. However, to be fair, renters really can’t “…literally pick up and move at the drop of a hat…”

  8. Having grown up in the area, most locals would tell you the time where you didn’t even bother walking down York or Fig at night because it wasn’t safe and that was relatively a short time ago. HLP was a place you didn’t loiter on, York Blvd. was a street in which I’d drive 50 MPH late at night because no one was out and it wasn’t safe (and you could hit all green lights from Fig to ER blvd.). Over time they did clean up gang activity and now we see HLP in a transitional phase. The houses here have charm, the boom of independent businesses that are not related to auto-mechanics has created curb appeal. For those new to the neighborhood, crime is an outrage. For those who grew up here, yes, it’s still an outrage, but was a way of life for a time that made it nothing new- and definitely nothing in comparison to the past. I give newbies a lot of credit for wanting to make the neighborhood the best it can be, but it takes time, and collaboration. Denigrating those who spent their lives here, “anti-gentrifiers” helps no one’s cause. Everyone in this neighborhood is susceptible to crime.

  9. The denigration starts with the people who make stupid racist comments at anyone they perceive as a new resident. Do they/you expect people who recently bought/rent here to sit and take insults and completely unhinged generalizations?

    It’s a constant drum beat of “newcomers”, “hipsters”, “white people”, “invaders”, “pandejos”. To call out theses people for what they say and write is not denigration especially when the posters are known to those of us who actually care about this community.

    Most of the educated locals of HLP understand the complexities of globalization and what drives the gentrification of cities ACROSS AMERICA NOT JUST IN LA.
    The denigration starts with the groups that like to vandalize and poster/protest small businesses. Why don’t they educate themselves, organize into groups, pool money and get loans so they may start their own businesses in these once neglected spots?

    Well it’s too late now, I can rattle off Ten local spots they have succeeded by welcoming the influx of new people to HLP. Most of the people outside the York or the coffee shop in Boyle Hts. have absolutely nothing going for them, thats why they are out there, its is very easy to blame others for your own failings.

    I have lived in NELA for 14 years with 8 of those being in HLP and 6 in Echo Park, I have employed people from both neighborhoods who have had dealings or outright membership in gangs and the one constant factor whether they succeed or not is “education” and a willingness to experience new things without judgement. Those guys that have embraced their surroundings and change have succeeded because they have a new insight. Couple that with their established ties and connections within the community it is practically a road map to success.
    Meanwhile you have other people in the community “MANDO” spreading outright lies in the Beacon or Boyle hts. Fake news of slurs being hurled at Mexican people which is all completely ridiculous, tea baggers are not moving to HLP , it’s mostly liberal minded working college educated. The “invaders narrative”fuels what they want , divisiveness, which does nothing for the communities they claim to love.

    • “The denigration starts with the people who make stupid racist comments at anyone they perceive as a new resident. Do they/you expect people who recently bought/rent here to sit and take insults and completely unhinged generalizations?”

      Thank you, agree.

  10. You guys must have forgot in 1995 3 children were murdered by latino gang members taking a wrong turn in the wrong street. Crime was really back in Highland Park. I guess things are the “same.”


  11. I hate to say it, as long time resident that lived here for over 20 years, things are better.
    Many anti-gentrication people just don’t remember how bad it was here.


  12. I find this whole discussion about gentrification laughable. I moved here and bought property when I was the only “gringo” on the block. Many of my neighbors asked me why I would move here and I told them it was going to be an upcoming area. Some listened and bought or maintained the homes they owned and others were content with renting (some from me). Now that property values increased as the popularity of the neighborhood rose, there are those “mandoites” who scream that “whitey” needs to leave and stay out of “their” neighborhood. Since when did it become yours? This is American and as such we live under the constitution which allows EVERYONE to live where they want and can afford. This is not Mexico, which by the way I lived and worked at for several years (have you?) and we have the privilege of all living here in a diverse Highland Park. So just because a few now are “mandos” are crying foul because they did not buy when a house was 60-80k and spent all their money getting drunk at johnnys there are 100ox more people who are glad that white, Latino, Asian, black are buying and improving the area and don’t care what you think.

  13. Don’t get robbed while getting your $19 toast and avocado lol

    • Hey buddy, you didn’t get evicted yet? Maybe if you spent your time working and not on the internet you can afford the rent.

  14. tbh one killing rape or robbery once in a while is still a long way to go. lol. just look at the crumbling houses… especially compared to other established neighborhoods, its a lot of hype. you have restaurants n random stuff, but not one place i could be comfortable bringing a baby except cocos, dennys, and a couple mexican resteraunts :/. wouldn’t mind living in highland park, i just don’t understand the price.

  15. HLPBornRaised&WilDieHere

    Born & Raised here for nearly 5 decades. I gotta agree with Mando, no matter how much new paint you splash on THIS neighborhood’s homes & remodel them, this place is STILL “hood!” The ridiculous prices some of these homes are being sold at is a joke. The last I checked this is still HLP (Highland Park) NOT Beverly Park or Highland Hills. Then there’s the newbies/transplants/hipsters moving in to the neighborhood. I have NO issues with ANY of these people. Yes the neighborhood is NOT what it once was and we can walk on the streets late at night now in comparison to 10-15 years ago, but
    A. When you move to a new neighborhood, respect those who have been here before you.
    B. Stop changing the acronym of the neighborhood to HP thinking it’s cooler when it’s been HLP for quite a long time and the last I checked Huntington Park was NOT using HLP as theirs
    C. Stop complaining about businesses who have been here over 60 years making noise as they have for decades and now that you’re here you want it stopped. Your punk ass real estate agent should have informed you about the local noise day AND night as well as the yearly fireworks instead of NOT disclosing because he/she want’s that commission.
    D. You newbies/transplants/hipsters call your parents and ask them to give you a course refresher on manner, morals and respect as well as cleanliness. I live steps from York where ALL the activity is currently at and have security cameras around my properties. Did your parents teach you to piss on neighbors walls, driveways and front yards? Did they teach you to throw away your left over vegan food in my yard or driveway? I have yet to see anyone other than hipster looking folks doing this. You can clearly tell by their fashion choices. Funny that the people who want to “beautify” the community are so dirty. OH yeah, your fashion style, makes you look dirty & homeless.
    E. Lastly, those posters you post up with glue everywhere in the neighborhood whether it’s a poem, photo or political view, is still considered graffiti or vandalism. What makes you think you get a pass because it’s not a gang tag or graffiti tagger leaving his mark. I have a property on York & caught one of you hipsters trying to post one of your posters on my property. I told him if he received permission from the owner (not telling him at first it was me) to put it up. He said he was just beautifying the neighborhood. I asked him what if I were to go to HIS home and post MY posters on his house & the typical answer from these newbies, “that’s not the point!” SMH
    There will eventually come a point when HLP is no longer cool & hip & everyone moves on to the next HOT SPOT, but til then enjoy the neighborhood I’ve called home for so long you new residents, but remember to respect us long time residents and our properties because making enemies with us will only make your stay here a living hell.

    • Ha ha, scary stuff HP Born & Raised.

      • HLPBornRaised&WillDieHere

        You’re from Huntington Park? Cool!

        • You sound like a loser who stayed in the same place for five decades. Afraid to move out of his little safe space.

          • HLPBornRaised&WillDieHere

            You’re obviously NOT from this neighborhood so I don’t really care about your negative comments. Loser? Yeah, the smart one who decided to PURCHASE & not rent his property & now has the opportunity to sell for a ridiculous price. Same place because I LOVE my community & ain’t going anywhere. You on the other had are the typical unhappy person with their own life that they seem to get pleasure from trying to disrespect others verbally. Afraid? Your the one hiding behind your computer/cel trying to bully people.
            Loser? I think the shoe fits on the YOUR foot! I LOVE my community and always have, If you’re not happy with it, Please Go Back To WHEREVER you came from.
            Enjoy your day and sad lil life 😉

          • Hlpkbornandraised- if you don’t care about my negative comments then why does it take you a paragraph to respond?

  16. U live with your mom and dad and that’s ok. Or U bought 10-15 years ago n showing off n think your so cool, or your 70 years old. Either way your a proud resident lol

  17. So the “brown berets” “dbh” whatever community college socialist activist in love with Che can poster ” eviction” notices and statements like ” you are the reason for my abulita being homeless and in the hospital”….,and thats not disrrspect or vandalism.? Or the crappy HLP or Ave’s graffitti?
    A lot of the people who feel that is Ok or believe “new” people are disrespecting locals for just walking down the street need to travelto other cities and get some life experience.
    Riddle me this , how long do you need to live somewhere until you are considered local?

    • LMAO at the those who constantly protest and cause problems by their disgruntled posts and marches and then return to their bedroom in moms house and plot with the other 40 some losers on their next big move against the “outside invaders” in “their neighborhood.” Generally there are two types here; those who rent and those who have bought. Not one person who has lived here for generations was forced out of their house unless they did not pay their mortgage. Not one so get over it. They chose to sell for the price offered and in most cases made good money and left with a smile on their face. If that includes those “Manditos” and their mothers left them with no place to stay after selling, buddy up and got three deep on a converted garage apartment. Now to those that rent and are complaining about the high rents I feel for you but just move. No renter has the right to live where they want if they can’t afford it. I want to live on the beach in Malibu but I can’t afford it so I am forced to live in another place. And for your information it is not the new comers destroying HLP, they are making it better. It has a long way to go and only everyone who lives here can make it better. No matter how long you have been here, whether 5 day s or five decades, you have the same voice and same right to make HLP what you want it to be.

  18. “…new residents, but remember to respect us long time residents and our properties because making enemies with us will only make your stay here a living hell.”

    I respect those who respect me. Threatening to make someone’s stay a living hell certainly reeks of disrespect.

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