Boyle Heights gang “shot-caller” sentenced to prison on racketeering charges

Big Hazard gang graffiti

Courtesy FBI

BOYLE HEIGHTS — One of the leaders of the Hazard street gang has been sentenced to 15 years in prison as part of a racketeering investigation into the gang, which officials say is responsible for much of the crime in and around the Ramona Gardens housing project.

Victor Barrios, 43, a Mexican national who most recently lived in Boyle Heights, was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty  to conspiring to violate the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and conspiring to traffic narcotics, the FBI said.

Barrios has admitted to playing “a leadership role for the gang’s criminal activities” that included overseeing drug sales, the collection of  “tax” payments from area drug dealers, and plots to commit acts of violence, the FBI said in a statement.

The Hazard gang member is one of 18 defendants who have plead guilty in connection with a 110-page federal indictment and a gang sweep in December 2014. The remaining nine defendants are scheduled to go on trial on November 28.


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  1. As a Mexican national, why do we have to send him to prison in American? Can’t we just deport him so the American taxpayers don’t have to pay for his prison time?

  2. Good. Hopefully this gets gentrification going even faster in Boyle Heights. The faster they’re out of here the better LA will be.

    • If gang members in Boyle Heights and elsewhere were opposed to gentrification, there would be more than protests and broken windows by “militant” protesters. Gentrification is good for their business. The more “American” a community becomes, the higher the demand for drugs becomes. It won’t be long before we’re dealing with our own opioid epidemic in these newly-gentrified communities. After all, it’s “trending”.

      • Lulz@the thought of gang members protesting outside of coffee shops. They either get priced out or their abuela cashes out her overpriced home and move to the I.E. What the hell do you think happened in HLP?

  3. Mexican national drug dealer gang member criminal Lives Matter

  4. Procopio, nice try educating these social ignoramus’ but you know they just view gang problems as latino problems, not American societal issues that they care to change. I wonder what they say about African American gangs? My guess is they are pleased with their tax dollars funding the prison industrial complex.

    • The reason the gang problem is a Latino problem is because the gangs only target other Latinos. I agree, gangs are a social problem, but it is up to Latinos to fix it. There is no reason in this day and age that a 14 year old hast to join the Avenues. Until people can control their children (and not have so many of them) and not expect everyone else to be responsible for them, then there is no other choice but to criminalize and imprison people who are a threat to (mainly) Latinos.

  5. Procopio and El Pensativo are the same posters. Nice try proper dos.

    • Isn’t that the same guy who got evicted from his HLP apartment because the owner increased the rent? If the guy can’t scrap together the money to pay for a 1-bedroom apartment in the hood, I’m not sure he has a good grasp of how our society works with rhe vast array of social and economic nuances. He should probably figure out how to take care of himself before telling everyone else how to solve societies problems.

  6. Gangs only target latinos? U sure?

    • Yes, white folks won’t put up with that bullshit!

      • apennyadaymakessense

        I think you need to read up on the article of the “Ramona Fire Bombings” where the Hazard gang attacked innocent black families.

        • you know that if something happens to a white person, the world would be outraged and would be up and arms about it and laws would be passed. but if it’s a black person or latino…business as usual.

  7. Well in Newport beach they tolerate their own, like the junkie skinhead walkin around my family talkin about white power.

  8. Thank you Eastsider , reading this thread is valued entertainment from Mexico blaiming the US for its problems to gang liking gentrification, this is laugh riot.
    The citizens of Mexico are victims of a deeply currupted government that allows existence of a controlled Narco state, sure you can blame the US for Mexico’s ills the Mexican government loves a scape goat it keeps the Orwellian status quo. What you won’t here is that Mexican drug cartels operate world wide and making huge gains in China and Europe.
    Far as a statement like “gangs liking gentrification” , I’m hoping that was some sort of absurdist humor because it’s really one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in long time.
    Let’s get something straight, these are bad people doing horrendous shit to their community, when gangbangers say they “got love for myhood” really ? By victimizing it and stealing young lives from their formidable years? That’s love? Sounds more like greed and masicism.

  9. Dont live there…nooo thanks. I like the eastside. Just didnt expect all the bigotry i see against brown communities on the Eastsider. The stereotypes and prejudices are off the chart and constantly being justified by what….economics? So did i box and label newport beach? Yall the experts

    • I haven’t read any comments in this thread that show anti-Latino bigotry. Which comment, specifically, do you feel is bigoted?

  10. Look up almost ANY past blogs pertaining to gentrification or renters protesting if u cant spot anything here. Its a social class bashing session

  11. El Pensativo are you really serious? Reporting on crime committed by latinos is latino bashing? How about owning the reality of the prevalent gang life along with the generational dedication to these organizations? If anything the daily drum beat here is against “white” “hipster””invaders” “gentrifiers and so on.
    How many reports have you seen of white mobs with saying “fuck brown art”, or “brown people are why my abulita is homeless” or “brown people are the new colonialism” ? You are seriuosly victimizing yourself in a city where YOU are the majority, come back to earth.

  12. Lol chino u called me The Psychic

    El Sensible would be the correct use of Spanish. Good one tho.

    Citizen X (no relation to Malcolm) No , obviously a high profile criminal being arrested is not what i was referring to. That in itself is a good thing! My outer space perspective might just have a wider range than someone on their balcony only choosing to use a monocular. When DBH committed those stupid acts I felt terrible for the folks coming out of the gallery. And thats when the all the negative language began pouring in the blogs. BUT not just about them, it was towards the boyle heights community as a whole. AND others of similar socioeconomic background. So people began rooting for the displacement of honest hard working people that keep Los Angeles running (perhaps in ways that people take for granted or dont care about) Now HOMELESSNESS is spiking. But i know ppl here will say…….LOCK EM UP OR MOVE THEM TO LANCASTER OR I.E.. just as long as they disappear

  13. Mannn Yall some sensitive ass people.. i say we all meet up over lattes and hug it out..

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