Driver killed after colliding with power pole in Highland Park

Highland Park crash took place near N. Avenue 62 and Figueroa


HIGHLAND PARK – One man died in a single-car collision early this morning along Figueroa Street.

The driver, a 29-year-old Latino resident of Los Angeles, was headed northbound in a 1996 Acura Integra after midnight when he lost control of the vehicle and hit a power pole by N. Ave 62, police said.

He was declared dead at the scene.

No passengers were in the car, police said.  Power in the area was not affected.

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  1. What a shame.

    • Police estimated the driver’s speed at ______ mph. ?????
      Glad he didn’t kill anyone else.

      • Seriously! Isn’t the speed limit 35mph? It’s a tragedy, but this type of recklessness endangers everyone, not just the driver.

      • So, with no details at all, you already know the cause? Anything might have caused it, maybe he had a heart attack, maybe his power steering failed and he couldn’t steer, maybe even a bicyclist cut him off and he swerved to avoid them and hit the pole, and the bicyclist just kept going. Who knows, but your prejudice shows in you jumping to conclusions based on nothing.

        • Are you for real??? Per the article, “…he lost control of the vehicle and hit a power pole.” It’s highly improbably that a 29 year old lost control of his vehicle and suffered from a fatal accident in the middle of the night while driving only 35 mph – It’s pretty safe too assume that speed was an issue; maybe even alcohol and drugs since it was also midnight. Your marginal comprehension and lack of deductive reasoning skills really jumps out.

          • Yes, I’m for real – did you even read what I wrote? There are endless reasons why someone might lose control of a car other than speed! You should get real, guy. You jump to a biased conclusion.

          • Ok “Mark” I’ll bite since we both know that this has nothing to do with the accident but proving my “bias.” Please explain what is meant by my “biased”conclusion. I need you to analyze and correct me so I won’t commit the “biased sin” again……come to think of it, aren’t you being a little biased assuming that I’m biased? Oh, all this thinking is giving me a headache 😉

          • HLBoss, Do you drive 35 mph?
            Did you know the driver?
            Did you see this person drinking or doing drugs before getting behind the wheel? Were you there the night of this accident?
            It’s really easy to assume rather than find out what really happened.

        • How could it be physically possible to die from this collision if you are traveling at the legal speed limit. You must be a physics professor.

        • I have to side with Mark. 3 years ago, my 27 year old cousin had an undetected aneurysm which ruptured while she was driving home after work on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Her car which at the time was going 37 miles per hour had picked up a bit of speed because of the slight downhill of the street, the alignment pulled the car to the left and she hit the curb of the center island and it caused her car to roll 5 times. Thankfully someone else was on the street and saw all of it and called 911, but she was already gone by the time the car had started to roll.

          Now imagine the person you are assuming and saying things about was someone in your family. A life is lost and yet you guys are sitting here

  2. Supreme Justice Whooper

    The Court of Online Judges have come to a decision. Death by high speeds. Case closed. You win yay!!!

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