Park your car on the parkway? You will risk getting a $68 ticket starting Monday

Parking in a "driveway apron" is okay except if your vehicle hangs over the sidewalk or street

Parking in a “driveway apron” is okay except if your vehicle hangs over the sidewalk or street | Courtesy LADOT

City parking enforcement officers will begin ticketing motorists who park their vehicles on parkways — that strip of public land between the curb and sidewalk — beginning Monday, Aug 14.

The L.A. Department of Transportation will start issuing the $68 tickets after it had suspended enforcement against parkway parkers for several years. Many drivers in parking-challenged neighborhoods took advantage of  the situation, blocking parkways and sidewalks without fearing a penalty as the city figured out a way to address lawsuits claiming it  had violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

In addition to vehicles left on parkways, the lawsuits also targeted parking in “driveway aprons,” which is that sloping section of pavement between the street and sidewalk.

Under the new law, parking on the parkway is never allowed. However, motorists can still park in the driveway apron (see the diagram below) if their vehicle does not protrude into the sidewalk or the street. Also, the ordinance “does not prohibit parking parallel in front of your own driveway,” said LADOT spokesman Bruce Gillman.

Driveway apron parking Los Angeles

Motorists can still park on the driveway apron in some cases| Rendering courtesy LADOT

Parking on the parkway will get you a $68 ticket

Parking on the parkway will get you a $68 ticket | Courtesy LADOT

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  1. Wow this is going to really screw some people over

  2. I feel like we already had this debate a few years ago…

  3. Garages, they’re for cars!

  4. So the article says we can park in from of our own driveway, but the picture shows it is prohibited. Which one is it? Or is the picture showing parking in front of someone else’s driveway (which would be kind of silly to tell us not to do, as it is stating the obvious).

    • Bruce Gilman with LADOT says that the ordinance “does not prohibit parking parallel in front of your own driveway.”

      • Thanks for the information, I did not know that was allowed. I never see anyone doing it.

      • The Eastsider, THAT ordinance might not address parking in front of your driveway, and why would it, that is NOT the same issue. THAT ordinance is strictly about parkways, and the street at your driveway is NOT a parkway. So of course THAT ordinance does not address the street parking. THAT ordinance doesn’t address running a red light either, but that doesn’t mean running a red light is legal.

        I don’t see anything in Gilman’s comment saying parking on front of your own driveway is legal, he simply says it is not addressed in THAT ordinance. And nonetheless, he is not the lawyer on the matter.

        But apparently other ordinances do address parking in front of your driveway and bar it. Again, how is the ticketing agent supposed to know whose driveway it is anyway!?

        • Hi We be seeking clarification from LADOT on this topic.

          • Hi Eastsdier LA. any clarification yet on this? Any statements from staff at CD 13? Our neighborhood never received any notices on our cars as stated in LA Times article. Thank you for the news and any updates would be appreciated.

    • echo park mom, exactly what I thought too. If this is NOW allowed, it was changed at some point and they told no one. I know a friend of mine in Echo Park got ticket after ticket after ticket for parking in front of her own driveway, and no matter how much she complained about it, they said she is not allowed to do that even in front of her own driveway. And she’s a lawyer!

      Besides, how is a ticketing agent supposed to know whose driveway that is?! My friend was not ticketed upon a complaint, it was her driveway, they saw it, they ticketed, over and over and over (you would think she would have stopped, but she was too irate, thought she should be allowed to do that).

      • Parking on the street, parallel to any driveway, yours or otherwise has been illegal for years, but is rarely enforced. Up in the Silver Lake hills when all the people block their own driveways with all the new cut-through traffic, if 2 cars meet on the hill there is no place for anybody to turn into to let each other get past. THEN WHAT!!!!

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