Taking your dog to the Silver Lake Reservoir? Better watch out for the new signs

SILVER LAKE — There are already signs at the entrances to the popular Silver Lake Meadow notifying pet owners that the green space next to the reservoir is off-limits to dogs. But, apparently, those signs and others nearby are frequently ignored, raising concerns among a group of neighborhood mothers and other residents. The solution to this problem? More signs.

But the new batch of “No Dogs Allowed” signs will be a “little more obvious” than the current  signage, said Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Co-Chair Anne-Marie Johnson.

The new “No Dogs Allowed” signs and banners will be going up soon, perhaps as early as this week, at the Silver Lake Meadow and also by the Silver Lake Recreation Center near the south side of the reservoir.  The signage was funded by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council  after members of the MOMS Club of Silver Lake and other residents expressed concerns about dog owners ignoring the current signs and restricted areas.  A person was recently bitten by a dog near the recreation center, said Johnson.

Johnson, who owns a dog herself, said pet owners and their canines can roam in the fenced in Silver Lake Dog Park near the recreation center. They can also walk their dogs on a leash on the path that loops around the Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs.

“There are other areas that dog owners can spend time with their dogs,” said Johnson.  “We hope people adhere to” the new signs.

No dogs allowed Sign Silver Lake

One of the current and often ignored “No Dogs” signs at the Silver Lake Meadow

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  1. Boy these people really have no lives if this is the biggest issue they’re worried about

    • Really. That’s the best you can do? Post a typical, useless response?!
      Based on NextDoor posts, 2 toddlers have been bitten by dogs at the kiddie play area at the recreation center in the last 7 days. One child was bitten twice by the same dog as she was trying run to run away. Do you think that is not a big issue, The Real Monty? I bet it’s a real issue for parents who bring their toddlers to those areas of the park, hoping to spend a peaceful and safe time in an open green space. Do those parents/caregivers not have lives? Your statement is absolutely idiotic. But maybe you have nothing more important in your life to do but to post useless, counter productive comments, void of any insight or empathy.

      • Well I guess we know who the stay at home mom is here.

      • Jenny – You mentioned insight and empathy. The insightful and empathetic thing to do in this situation is to allow everyone to continue to enjoy our beautiful public spaces but enforce leash laws. Silver Lake has long been a dog friendly neighborhood and it should stay that way. There is no reason to forbid dogs and their owners from enjoying the green area near the rec center so long as the dogs are on leash.

        • Dogs on grass = poo on grass. Can’t we have one damn place in the city where kids can play outside with no cars and not have to worry about stepping in shit? There’s a dog park up the road…

          • Perhaps we can circulate a petition to drain the stupid reflecting pool that used to be a reservoir and turn it into usable open space.

      • A child leash law is long overdue. I hope those kids didn’t give the dogs anything

  2. How is my dog going to do Yoga with me? I’m very concerned…. We Dyoga’s have rights!

  3. These hysterical mommies are too much for me. Yes, I’m sure the ‘toddlers bitten by dogs’ is true … because it was on the Internet.

    Whatever. I grew up in San Francisco, when all parks were open to dogs and children alike. It all worked out fine – it was a great life for everyone. Now, people with way too much time on their hands and silly priorities have managed to criminalize dogs and their owners. Yes, we have the walking path, where dogs are kept on-leash – and that’s great. But if you think the dirty, frequently dangerous (massive ruts, exposed concrete and metal edges) dog park is appropriate as a trade off, you’re nuts. No grass, almost no maintenance. It’s a joke. I had to laugh at the mommies and their signs ‘Children Only!’ – as if even adults were to be hauled away to jail. The fetishization of childhood – where children should be the center of attention, and everything has to be gold stars and soft corners. The rec center park, in particular, should be for everyone.

    Get a life, people. And, Jenny, it’s sad that you hate dogs, it really is. You must be a very lonely person.

  4. I myself have witnessed dogs on the play area and in the sand pit next to the rec center. Enforcing no dogs in the close proximity of screaming, running, cranky children just makes sense.

  5. Should consider widening the ban to small children as well

  6. Has anyone actually read that section of the municipal code? It is true that dogs are not allowed in the rec center property except for the dog park, but there is no mention of the meadow. Regardless of what the signs say, the code is the code and dogs are permitted as long as they’re licensed and on a 6 foot or shorter lead.

    I’m sorry Johnny was bitten by a dog, but that sounds like something which should be taken up with the authorities and not against all dog owners.

    • To Silverdog and others who weren’t around for the agreement of the Meadows. City agreed to the Meadows and made it a dog free open space. The law does apply to the Meadows. That’s why there are city issued /Rec and Park, city No Dog Allowed signs.

  7. I just saw a coyote there last night. They’re always pooping wherever they want, without any regard for our human laws. It’s a disgrace!

  8. I’m sorry but Jenny and the other busybody members of the MOMS Club represent the worst among us. Whatever happened to the American ideal of people living the life they want to live and others leaving them alone?

  9. These innocuous, niche Eastside posts evoking very real contempt are my fav. Dog owners vs moms ?

  10. woof,

    woof bark woof rawrl woof woof. Bark!
    Woof woof bark woof.

  11. Incredibly amusing (and hypocritical) of those bashing the MOMS Club and others, who are simply asking for some enforcement and respect of where dogs are or are not allowed. Bashing people for “having nothing better to do with their time” on these comment boards…. really? LOL. You have nothing better to do with your time than bash MOMS Club and other residents who don’t want their kids to step in dog crap because the owner didn’t pick it up?? God, you hypocritical people need to get lives. All you offer is snark and negativity, day in day out here. Are you really THAT unhappy with your lives?

    Apparently so.
    Unhappy people do not snark and bash, day in and day out. That’s a fact.

    • “Unhappy people do not snark and bash, day in and day out.”

      Oh no, happy people still have snark. It’s called “having some fun.”

  12. Echo Park lake and Elysian park have a much friendlier community vibe. My dogs love playing and hanging out there, and no entitled Sliverhag Moms to contend with.

  13. This has nothing to do with MOMS Club. You either obey the law or you don’t. If you don’t think the law is just then you work to change it. It’s odd to have a collection of people advocating breaking the law because they are for or against something that they personally think is important (i.e. liking dogs & disliking children). This was decided by the community in the appropriate way and if you don’t agree then do something to change it. Oh, that’s right, it’s easier to bash people on the internet. Go back to doing nothing, like always.

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