Metro to test bike share station in Echo Park

Metro Bike Share station in the Arts District

ECHO PARK — Metro will be installing a pilot bike share station near Echo Park Lake next month to see if there is enough demand to support a bike share network in the neighborhood.

The station, complete with kiosk and 19 bikes, will be set up  at Echo Park and Park avenues by Oct. 8, when throngs of bike riders are expected in the area for a CicLAvia event. Similar stations have been set up in Downtown L.A., Pasadena, the Port of L.A. and Venice.

“Residents and visitors alike will be able to explore Echo Park like never before,” said Councilmember O’Farrell in a statement “People will have easy access to experience the joys of bicycle riding in a wonderful neighborhood.”

Metro spokesman Dave Sotero said the agency is “putting a toe in the water” with the station to find out if a bike share system makes sense in the area.

Riders can use a credit card at the kiosk to rent the bike, which can be returned at other stations. Echo Park is a short bike ride from Downtown, where there are 61 bike share stations with 700 bikes.

Here’s the pricing for the bike share station:

  • A 30-day pass is $20. All trips 30 minutes or less are free and $1.75 per 30 minutes thereafter. This pass option is best if the user expects to take more than five trips per month. People use their registered TAP card to get bikes directly from docks and the pass renews 30 days after initial purchase.
  • A Flex Pass is $40 per year. All trips 30 minutes or less are $1.75 and $1.75 per 30 minutes thereafter. This option is best if users expect to take two to five trips per month or want the convenience of using their TAP card to get a bike directly from the dock.
  • A Walk-Up is $3.50 for 30 minutes. All trips 30 minutes or less are $3.50, and $3.50 per 30 minutes thereafter. Users can pay per trip using their credit card at any station kiosk. No TAP card is needed for the Walk-Up.

Users can see real-time bike and dock availability on the app and online station map.

The length of the test period is not certain. Sotero said the new bike share station would remain in operation until “sufficient feedback and ridership metrics” are collected.

We want to gather sufficient feedback and ridership metrics.

L.A.’s bike share system got off to a slow start but officials have been working to boost the number of users and stations.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. Very cool… easy ride down Sunset to the other stations (Chinatown, Union Station, Downtown, etc.) They should open some near USC too.

  2. Been waiting for this to come around! The all-downhill ride to DT and the Gold line is way too tempting.

  3. Rich that O’Farrell is touting bikeshare in Echo Park while blocking safe biking facilities to make the neighborhood more bikable.

  4. Finally! This is such an obvious extension of the downtown system I can’t believe they didn’t do it originally. Now you can actually go between two different neighborhoods! I mean, it’s a great concept but until the network is expanded it’s basically only for tourists because it’s just these unconnected patches of shared bikes. How often does any (non tourist) need to get from one part of downtown to another when you’ve got the DASH for $.35 or walking for free? I’ll definitely use this EP stand from time to time.

    Also nice to know you can snag a bike on the cheap in Venice with the plan instead of lugging one across town.

  5. HAHAHA…..hopefully they install them by the signs that indicate “no bikes” in the Park…..another great use of govt funds…bikes to nowhere!

  6. if councilmember o’farrel expects me to be able to “explore Echo Park like never before” –
    then those bicycles better be electric!

  7. Does the MetroBike fee include the cost for medical insurance coverage?

  8. At the bike share in Pasadena, many bikes are vandalized-missing seats, pedals, etc. I can only imagine what the Echo Park bike share will be!

  9. If they really want to get people to ride bikes, they better drastically cut the price. $3.50 every half hour is ridiculous! And I shouldn’t have to pay $20 a month just in order to pay only $1.75 an hour.

    And to accept only a TAP card! Why not a credit card? So if I don’t have a TAP card, and a pile of money on it, I can’t do this. Well, if I do have a TAP card, why do this, I’ll ride the bus. The bus fare is $1.75 — without having to pay $20 a month to get that fare!

    For $1.75, I can go a LOT farther than a half hour bike ride by taking the bus. In fact, If I’m going to where the DASH line goes, I can go for 50¢.

    This high price is because this is not really beon done by Metro, it is being done by a for-profit subcontractor looking to make plenty.

    • You can pay with a credit card… from the article:

      “A Walk-Up is $3.50 for 30 minutes. All trips 30 minutes or less are $3.50, and $3.50 per 30 minutes thereafter. Users can pay per trip using their credit card at any station kiosk. No TAP card is needed for the Walk-Up.”

  10. What happens when I’m riding one of these bikes that’s been tagged with EXP and I ride into CYS turf?

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