Silver Lake’s Ivanhoe Reservoir to be drained – again – for more pipeline work

Water began flowing back into the Hyperon Reservoir last April. Now the reservoir has to be drained again

SILVER LAKE – It seems like only a few months ago when the reservoirs in Silver Lake were finally refilled, and now they’re draining one of them again.

Actually, it was only  in April  when the water began to flow back into the Ivanhoe and Silver Lake reservoirs after they were drained in 2015 for pipeline construction. Now the Ivanhoe Reservoir, the smaller of the two, has to be mostly emptied once again. This time, though, it will be drained into the Silverlake Reservoir – the larger of the two pools – and refilled after about a month and a half.

This will enable workers to seal off the pipeline that connects Ivanhoe to the rest of the L.A. water system, according to Ellen Cheng, a spokesperson for the LADWP. This will help the LADWP comply with regulatory requirements, according to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

About 33 million gallons will be pumped out of Ivanhoe to bring the water level down to about 10 feet. Cheng said. The work on the pipeline is scheduled to take about four weeks – from Sept. 17 to Oct. 15.

After that, it should take another 10 days to refill Ivanhoe.

Cheng said traffic should not be affected by the work.

“All construction at Rowena will be contained inside the Rowena Reservoir without encroaching on any public right-of-way,” Cheng said. “Sidewalks will also not be impacted by the construction.”

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  1. Draining, refilling, draining, refilling…

    I can’t BELIEVE that my tax dollars being used to constantly fill and drain this waste of space that serves literally no function except as a selling point to real estate agents and something pretty for rich people to view from their house in the hills. Turn it into an actual park or fill it in, but please stop using my tax money to serve these rich people and give nothing back to the community.

  2. We should also repave streets about a dozen times in about 5 years, even though they dont need it.

  3. Milk the cow baby.

  4. I say we flatten it and turn it into an airport. Silverlake International Airport

  5. The DWP workers just needed more overtime so they decided to drain and refill the Ivanhoe Reservoir.

  6. Unfortunately, this story is devoid of necessary information. WHY is this being done? To comply with a regulation is not an answer, especially with all the talk about doing this or that at those reservoirs.

    This story tells us they need to shut off a connection to the rest of LA’s water system. Well, they could have done that a few months ago and over the years before that when it was empty. Is this perhaps because of the idea now to NOT use Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs as an emergency backup supply after all, and instead put non-consumable recycled water in them, which they can’t let flow into the city’s drinking water system? If so, say so. And tell us too that changing over to recycled water not only will lose us an emergency supply, it will limit other options for public use of the reservoirs, such as a swim lake, or fishing (at least for consuming what you catch). And point out that this is just the beginning, they also will need to dig up the streets around the area again to bring a pipeline in for that recycled water.

    Gee, the way this report is is like some routine maintenance, it doesn’t give us the absolutely necessary information to have the slightest idea what is going on. Put this in a proper context, what we have here is sorely inadequate, it leases people having no idea what is going on or even what you are talking about.

  7. That water is still drinking water.

  8. Flibbity-floo! The reservoir serves no purpose! Sure, it enhances the quality of life for the humans and wildlife who enjoy it and I suppose it’s true that the firefighters recently used its water to fight the La Tuna fire but I’m against everything! If they’re draining it, I’m against that. If they’re refilling, I’m against that! >:(

    • There were plans to make the reservoir an actual park but for now it remains useless unless you are a rich person with a view of it. Of course they want to keep us commoners out so y’all will continue claiming it has a purpose in it’s current state to further the real estate mafia that controls Silver Lake

  9. They are lying. AGAIN.
    What happened to the promise of reasonable notification and proper communication by the DWP to the community affected by their projects?
    the promise that had degraded to the point where an organized outcry from the community was necessary last year forcing DWP to renew their pledge.
    Apparently, the DWP has decided to abandon the pledge again, for this particular project.
    Obviously, DWP wants to lock-out the community from reasonable notification and forestall any attempt to modify the project until it is too late.
    There is only one way to force DWP to tell us exactly what they are doing and why –
    you have to start calling now and don’t stop
    Councilmember David RYU and
    Councilmember Mitch o’Farrel
    they need to know they must stop LYING to us.

  10. They are going to destroy the valves and pipe connections which allow Ivanhoe and Silver Lake to receive water.
    It doesn’t matter how much excess supply DWP has available from their Owens Valley watershed, none will flow into Silver Lake Reservoir Complex ever again.
    Do federal water quality regulations specifically require the destruction of this passive infrastructure which is technically owned by the City and its residents?
    I want to hear Marty Adams, David Ryu and Eric Garcetti
    say it on the record.

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