Boyle Heights book launch canceled after anti-gentrification threats; Silver Lake woman throws a Parisian dinner party; bike lane pavement problems

  • Gentrification: A publisher canceled a book launch party in a Boyle Heights gallery after gentrification opponents threatened to disrupt the event and demanded that the publisher remove its books from the gallery and a space in Chinatown. L.A. Weekly
  • Parisian Party: The New York Times stops by a dinner party in Paris hosted by jewelry designer Sophie Buhai of Silver Lake as she celebrates her new collection. “It should feel very relaxed. People should feel comfortable,” said Buhai, who had the help of a chef and an art director.
  • Bike Lanes: Plans to add new bike lanes would be blocked and existing lanes closed if the pavement fails to make an “A” rating under a City Council proposal. The measure was introduced after the city agreed to pay $7.5 million to a cyclist who was left a quadriplegic when he crashed in a bike lane where the pavement had been lifted four inches by a tree root. L.A. Times
  • Development: A new state law designed to make it easier to build large housing projects by avoiding environmental impact reports is expected to have only limited impact. L.A. Times

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  1. No more books!! No more discussions!! The Anti-gentrifiers are right, we need less knowledge, more ignorance in the world. Dumbasses, they should be directing their cloud in other directions.

  2. Boyle Heights racists are the worst. Their like little hateful bizarro world Trumps.

    • More like leftists antifa trying to shut down free speech. Progressives getting eaten by the people they defend. I love it.

  3. If it was Johnny Depp book signing those lil Community College commies would be clamoring like 14 year olds. lol

  4. “Silverlake Woman Throws A Parisian Dinner Party” Is this the Onion or the NYT?

    • What’s the problem with the dinner party in Paris? She’s a local entrepreneur, who has a presence both here in SL and in Paris. And dinner parties are fun. Hell, I wish I could get invited to a dinner party in Paris.

  5. How nice of “Defend” to shut down left leaning voices and views. Those on the extreme right should probably thank them. If you let these annoying little gnats bully you, it’s your own fault.

  6. It is not going to work. The gentrification of Boyle Heights will happen. It is already happening. As housing prices rise residents will be priced out. Rent control will not save these people either as the Ellis Act evictions have started. You can shut down a book signing here and an art gallery there but you cannot stop gentrification in an area that is just across the river from the Arts District. Wait until Warner Music moves to the Arts District with their 2500 employees. You think those middle income people are going to spend $700,000 for a studio box condo? No they are going to look across the bridge to Boyle Heights and East LA where you can spend $550000 to $600000 and get a 2 or 3br house.

  7. This group called Defend Boyle Heights includes people who are themselves failed art gallerists. Also, rich art school kids, resentful artists, and trolls. They cover their faces and hide their identities. Many of them want art careers, most of them are white and not from boyle heights, or are latinx and NOT from boyle heights. Many people in Boyle Heights can’t stand them.

  8. How about they take their cute little masks off.

  9. Meanwhile,


    but I’m sure it’s the gentrifiers (aka white people) you should be worried about.

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