Cypress Park shooting leaves man dead near Gold Line station

CYPRESS PARK — One man was shot and killed Saturday night near the Heritage Square Gold Line Station, police said.

The victim, described as a male black in his 60s, was shot at about 11 pm near Pasadena and French Avenues, said LAPD spokeswoman Rosario Herrera. However, TV news clips show the victim nearby at the corner of French and Marmion Way.

The victim was approached by a group of three Latino males, one of whom opened fire. Herrera said. It’s not clear what prompted the shooting or if it’s gang related, she said.

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The shooting prompted Metro to close of the Heritage Square station for several hours and run a temporary bus shuttle service.

KTLA reported that a second shooting about an hour later in Highland Park in the 5100 block of Baltimore Avenue. The man’s condition was not known, and it’s not known if the shootings are related.

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  1. If it were three white men who shot a black man this would be a huge story on the MSM. But brown on black? It’ll just be a minor story in the local media. I guess this is what Mando and Procopio want a return to.” Make NELA great again.”

  2. I’d like to hear from the administrators at local schools on the following:
    1. What are you doing to identify students at risk?
    2. What preventative measures are in place to help steer students away from tag crews and gangs?
    3. Are you working with non-profits and other organizations to help provide support to the families?
    4. Is law enforcement working along with schools to mentor at risk students?
    5. What other steps are being applied to support at risk students?

    I’d like to hear from law enforcement on the following:
    1. Are you working to identify at risk students?
    2. What are you doing to prevent gang violence?
    3. Do you visit local elementary, middle, and high schools to enlighten students to “To gangs and tag crews?” We need to empower them to say, “JUST NO!”
    4. What programs does the Northeast Police Dept. offer at risk students?
    5. Are LAPD officers mentoring at risk students?

    Sadly, for a few youngsters, teachers, administrators and support staff are the only individuals that may help detour at risk students from gangs. We need to be preventative not reactive. We need to be proactive and provide these youngsters other options. There are better choices to be made!

    • I have just one questions for the parents of such kids:

      Where the hell are you?

      • That was sort of my question, too. Schools are intended to educate children, not to raise them. As far as the schools working with non-profits and other organizations to help provide support to the families, how much more work can they be expected to do? They are already feeding children breakfast and lunch, and some schools provide dinner, often associated with after-school care. California is included in the states with the highest number of English Learners who receive special classes.

    • El Cid,

      Based on your comment, is it safe to assume that “the state” aka the government should be responsible for raising our children? Do you really want to give the government this type of power? If that’s the case, how do you feel about mandatory contraception or other measures to forcibly prevent child bearing aged adults from having children (think of China for example).

      In my opinion, as a society, we should start focusing on responsible parenting and the duty and responsibility that parents have in raising their children to be law abiding citizens nstead of placing blame on our government.

    • I’d like to hear from the City Council, Mayor Garcetti, and Police Chief Beck:

      1) When will you decide to increase the required number of officers in order to bring Los Angeles up to the standards of other major city police forces?

      2) When will “community policing” include regular patrols of our neighborhoods?

    • Give me a break. Teachers are overworked and extended. It’s up to the parents to raise a kid. How about this……
      STOP HAVING KIDS IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO RAISE THEM as decent human beings.

      • Well, smart people make smart decisions and stupid people make stupid decisions – unfortunately, it’s just that simple.

  3. Discipline is a way of life and unfortunately in this new day and age certain types of disciplining are kids are no-longer the standard, in such a way that kids/teens don’t have much fear of their own consequences made by bad choices, it’s tough to hurt a kid/teen with words after they’ve done wrong, and it’s indubitably sad that the displine is the threat of taking away ones cell phone privileges… in so many instances I can blame TPTB for allowing so many stupendous hurdles and obstacles to be placed within our everyday lives lowering the quality of life.

  4. I would like to think what Ja Rule thinks about all this!!!!!!!

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