Boyle Heights anti-gentrification foes take their fight to New York museum; 51st Assembly District candidates to debate

Gentrification & Art:  Opponents to gentrification in Boyle Heights and other cities staged a protest last week  in New York during a VIP opening reception for the Laura Owens exhibit at the Whitney Museum. Anti-gentrification protesters demanded that Owens, who lives in Echo Park, shut down her Boyle Height gallery, 356 Mission, as they seek to close other art-related businesses, which they say hasten the pace of gentrification. “Leave our hoods and do what’s right: Give your keys to Boyle Heights!” the protesters chanted inside the museum. Hyperalergic

Debate: 51st Assembly District candidates Wendy Carrillo and Luis Lopez will participate in a debate on Wednesday, Nov. 15 in Glassell Park. The debate will be held less than three weeks before the Dec. 5 runoff election. The 51st Assembly District covers most of the Eastside, stretching from Echo Park and Silver Lake on the west, Eagle Rock and Highland Park on the north and El Sereno and unincorporated East Los Angeles on the east.GPIA

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  1. Anti-gentrification is just race based nationalism at the neighborhood level. I hope these people understand that their fight might awaken the 400 pound gorilla in the room by figuratively biting the hand that feeds as supporters of immigration reform start to realize that the anti-gentrification problem on the east side will greatly subside if immigration laws are strictly enforced.

    Pick your battles wisely my anti-gentrification comrades because if you push too hard, you might not like what it creates.

    • I’m just impressed these losers were able to get it together enough to take a vacation away from Boyle Heights.

    • Excerpt from article on Hyperallergic website

      “BHAAAD: Our hoods all face challenges of poverty, displacement, homelessness, deportation by ICE, harassment and killing by the police.”

      Art galleries are not causing increases in poverty, displacement or homelessness. Deportation of illegal immigrants by ICE needs to happen for several reasons, one being the burden that illegals place on citizen taxpayers. Do Boyle Heights residents really not see how millions of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles affect all,of our livelihoods? Harassment and killing by the police? The LAPD seems to bend over backwards to avoid harassment of illegal immigrants, kowtowing to the mayor and ultimately to Brown. If they didn’t, the violent Boyle Heights protesters would not have been allowed to threaten business owners and patrons, nor to trash their businesses.

      Regarding police “killings,” there have been twelve killings in Boyle Heights over the last twelve months, with police involved in only one, that being of an armed man about whom neighbors had called police due to hearing shooting: See Los Angeles Times Homicide website, Boyle Heights.

      Between October 31 and November 6 there were 15 Violent Crimes and 52 Property Crimes:
      See Los Angeles Times Crime website, neighborhoods,Boyle Heights.

  2. I think the bigger question here is how did these deadbeats afford to go to New York? Who sponsored them, how did they get the money to stay anywhere in the city? If the desired effect is to drive liberals to vote Trump in 2020, this is as diabolical and brilliant a plan as any. Hmm, did Steve Bannon send them?

  3. The fact that the protestors — hipsters with resentment– think going to New York City and protesting at the Whitney will improve the lives of at-risk communities is almost hilarious except it’s more or less demonic. Has nothing to do with poor people in Boyle Heights. Has everything to do with grudges in the art world. Laura Owens, the artist, doesn’t own any property in Boyle Heights. But they traveled all the way to NYC to try to throw shade on her. The place she rents was empty for many years. If they wanted that space, they could have rented it. If they didn’t want that space, they could have not rented it. Moreover, given that ninety thousand people live in Boyle Heights, how can Laura Owens be sure these protestors represent the community, when they try to tell her what to do? Word is it’s white artists and hipsters who aren’t from BH. There’s the one guy Angel who says over and over he was born right close by. The fact that he has to be so vocal is telling. His main activist homies are from Cal Arts and Yale.

  4. Protesting in New York could not be more ridiculous. A city that has seen so much change in ALL neighborhoods – different immigrant communities CONSTANTLY CHANGING! My heart goes out to Laura Owens. I’m now going to make it a point to go to her gallery in support.

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