The artist behind those sad clown sofas around Echo Park and Silver Lake

A sad recliner on Hoover Street in Silver Lake | Katrina Alexy

You’ve seen them by the curbs of Echo Park and Silver Lake: abandoned sofas, chairs and appliances painted with the face of a sad clown.  Tear drops flow from mournful eyes and a tiny polka dot party hat crowns the frowny face.  Who takes the time to paint these? He’s an artist working under the name of Lonesome Town who got started after feeling sorry for an abandoned refrigerator, says the L.A. Weekly.

Lonesome Town told the Weekly:

“The first day I just did a face on it. Then the next day it was still there. I added buttons. And polka dots. And sure enough, I came back the third day and put a hat on it. It makes me so happy because I feel nobody cares about these micro sad thingies.”

The artist says he bicycles around town “until I see something that moves me” before he takes out his paint pens and gets to work.

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  1. I love this guys work! There was one near my house, and, I wanted to take it but felt like I was taking art away from the public… so I didn’t. All my friends told me I was crazy, that I should take it. So, a few days went by and I took it. Once I got it home, It was no longer sad and abandoned… it lost a lot of its meaning.

  2. Good point Crosby Stairs Guy once you take it out of it’s consequence it ceases the sadness and becomes a folk art relic. A real indication of a well done association between the art piece and its context.

  3. Have you lost track of the fact that this was dumped by someone who feels they have the right to leave old mattresses and all types of furniture and what-have-you on curbs, and in alleys? These objects are not painting canvases and do not add character to our neighborhoods, they are junk.

    Go to https://www.lacity.org/myla-311/myla-311-service-request and ask that all dumped items be picked up by city workers. This is a great service and they will pick items up on your neighborhood’s regularly scheduled trash collection day.

  4. I was so lucky and got to see him in action painting a couch on our street once.
    Who else has seen him?
    Does he try to stay anonymous?

  5. Androg ,you’re obviously missing the point, he is not disposing these pieces, they are already there.
    I’d venture to say he feels the same way you do about people leaving crap on the sidewalk, that’s the point.
    This is a response to LA’s population historically leaving crsp on the sidewalk, if anything he highlights the ridiculous nature of the action by anthropomorphizing this unwanted throw aways.
    I would love to see a video of the city grabbing a sad chair and disposing of it. That would be meta.

  6. Seeing Sad Clowns anywhere always makes me happy! Please do more… love it!

  7. This man has graduated from his silly furniture art to vandalizing city property of all kinds including sidewalks and street signs. Not something the eastsider should support

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