Will Elon Musk end up tunneling through to Echo Park and Silver Lake?

Phase 2 of the Loop (in blue) would include Echo Park & Silver Lake | Map from The Boring Company

Maybe Elon Musk enjoys taking a walk around Echo Park Lake or bar hopping in Silver Lake? How else to explain why the two Eastside neighborhoods would be served by the second phase of the billionaire’s proposed high-speed underground transportation system called the “Loop.”

Electric skates or platforms traveling at between 125- and 150-mph would transport vehicles and people in a tunnel connecting Downtown L.A. and the two neighborhoods, according to Musk’s The Boring Company, which is seeking permits to build a network of such tunnels. Another tunnel would tie Downtown and Dodger Stadium.

Under the concept, the skates would travel through a main artery and then exit at stations “as small as a single parking space,” said the company.

The stations and tunnels would be part of the second phase of the the Loop, which would stretch from the Valley and Santa Monica to Long Beach Airport.  The company this year filed for a permit that if granted would allow it to begin excavating the first phase of the Loop, a 6.5-mile tunnel on the Westside that would be used to test and refine the concept.

Here is how the company describes the second  conceptual phase that would include Echo Park and Silver Lake:

“Phase 2 specifics would be developed in cooperation with Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, city governments in the greater Los Angeles area, and the general public. The Boring Company looks forward to receiving feedback from residents of the greater Los Angeles area on station locations and system improvements for Phase 2 and beyond.”

The Boring Co. said it will use techniques that will make tunneling much faster and cheaper than the process and equipment now used to build subway tunnels.

Is the Loop science fiction of a feasible transportation system? Stay tuned – for a long time.

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  1. Elon Musk is a charlatan. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is any more than the doodles of a madman.

    • Except he’s actually sent rockets into space and landed them again, and created on of the most successful car companies of all time. Your only achievement is making an anonymous comment on the internet. I choose to trust Elon over you. lol.

      • How is a tiny car company that’s never been profitable “one of the most successful car companies of all time”?

        • Every rich person in LA drives one. You drive a beat up Honda Civic. Do the math.

          • Lol I’m just stating the facts, but please continue to spout absurd hyperbole. It’s rather entertaining.

          • @CD13 – Elon Musk’s networth is currently $19.4 billion according to Forbes. Not quite sure where you get your “alternative facts” from but he has enough money to build this, and probably an elevator to the moon if he really wanted to.

          • The fact that you think a CEO having a high net worth means his company is profitable and that an elevator to the moon is a feasible endeavor just shows me how much knowledge you lack on these subjects. So keep trolling from your basement while other people have real conversations.

          • @CD13 The fact that you keep checking back here day after day to respond to me proves you to be the troll. (Or the fact that you actually took my moon elevator comment seriously… jesus). Elon has always been a success at everything he does or company he creates, and his insane wealth is a testament to that. Stay in your honda civic forever if you need to, I hope when he builds the tunnel it goes right underneath your house 🙂

  2. I really hope this happens. It’s a radical transformation to transportation that would reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

  3. Imagine the queue to get into the tunnel – it would be a mess.

    • Haha, that’s what I was thinking. There would be such a demand that it would create the same problem of having to deal with traffic.

      • Maybe they think that all the people waiting in line will free up more space on the freeways? I think all it does is encourage more people to drive and not take transit.

  4. He should work on how to integrate his system into the current Metro Rail system. So when people exit at Union Station can get to dodger stadium by mass transit or the Rams new stadium from the Green or Crenshaw lines.

  5. Underground is best. Street running trains just create more traffic and danger (for those that dont pay attention). Just hope this “skate” can handle strong seismic activity at 125mph

    • Only problem is tunneling underground is about 10x more expensive… which is probably why Musk is pursuing this ($$$$$$ government contracts.) Dude’s a corporate welfare queen.

  6. Can I charge him rent if he tunnels under my home ?? It’s still my property ??

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