$62 million Glendale-Hyperion bridge project back in the spotlight

It’s been 2-1/2 years since the City Council approved the controversial and costly overhaul of the Glendale-Hyperion bridge between Atwater Village and Silver Lake. Now, with the project scheduled to start construction next year, officials are holding a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 22 to update the public on the project.

The thrust of the project is to bring the 90-year-old structure that crosses over the L.A. River and 5 Freeway up to modern-day seismic and traffic safety standards. But those issues became secondary as the project became embroiled in a heated controversy over efforts to eliminate a lane of traffic across the bridge and make more room for bikes and pedestrians.

In the end, the City Council approved adding bike lanes and widening a sidewalk on one side of the bridge but rejected the so-called road diet.

Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Update

  • Thursday, Feb. 22 | 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Friendship Auditorium, 3201 Riverside Drive

Also approved was the construction of a new pedestrian-and-bike-only bridge downriver from the Glendale-Hyperion span. Thursday’s meeting will in part be devoted to reviewing design concepts for the pedestrian-and-bike bridge and updates on the remaking of the Glendale-Hyperion bridge.

One major change has been the estimated cost, which now hovers around $62 million compared to the $50 million discussed back in 2015.

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  1. Also to be clear, besides widening the sidewalk on the north side of the bridge, the plan calls for the complete removal of the sidewalk on the south side of the bridge.

    • The sidewalk on the south side is 6 inches wide as it enters Silverlake. So what’s your point?

      • Could the point be that this would have been a good opportunity to address that issue by providing a complete sidewalk on both sides?

    • The sidewalk on the south side leads to no where but the middle of the busy street at its end. With this plan, twice as many people can no w walk on the safe side of the bridge instead. Further, by far the hugest amount of people walking the bridge are the kids going to Marshall High, which is on the north side.

      They made an incredible plan here that accommodated everything everyone wants — except for the secret, unstated goal of manufacturing a traffic jam. The people making hay over that sidewalk are simply being very dishonest about their real intent.

  2. How about offering better public transportation options before narrowing so many roads? Oh, wait that would be sesnsible.

    • Why even build mass transit if our streets are all engineered as difficult and dangerous places to navigate on foot? People won’t ride the train if it’s a PITA to walk to the stops.

  3. Nice! A new ped bridge. That makes three new ones to cross the river in our neighborhood.

    • And yest, they still complain about the Hyperion Bridge plan putting all the pedestrians of the north side on a sidewalk twice as wide.

  4. There is no critical mass of cyclists using any of these bike lanes apart from recreation. Please stop.

    • probably because the lack of infrastructure supporting safe cycling. I ride my bike across this bridge often and it is terrifying.

    • What bike lanes do you speak of?

    • You are absolutely right, Eaglearts. Even the biggest proponent of them has no interest in actually biking, he never does, he never takes public transit, he takes a chauffeur drive everywhere. That is Eric Garcetti, the biggest hypocrite and liar in LA.

      He just wants the poorer people ripped from their cars to make way for him and his rich buddies. If you look at the patterns of all the things he proposes, they are have the one common thread of lowering the standard of living of most people in order to make it better for the rich — and he never does what he says everyone else should, because he was born filthy rich and he is entitled.

      For god’s sake, he lives a short walk away from the Red Line Station that will take him right to work at the Civic Center — but he won’t ride it, like the billionaire who was the last mayor of New York, Bloomberg, who has always taken the subway, he practices what he preaches.

      If bikes and public transit are not good enough for Garcetti to rely on on a daily basis, they are not good enough for any of us. I’m not interested in being shoved out of his way, and I’m not interested in working hard only to have the purpose of that taken away.

      Garcetti is no liberal, he merely covers non-liberal polices in liberal clothing. He’s a fake.

  5. It’s all about connectivity. This project gets much of the need right, then falls short with critical shortcomings. BOE is trying really hard to get it right, and projects like rebuilding the Red Car Bridge are terrific. But the failure to make it possible to safely walk or bike across the bridge and connect directly to both Silver Lake and Atwater are absolute killers to its success. It’s not too late to get it right. The last thing Atwater needs is people going even faster down the hill into that congested neighborhood, with its rejuvenated village feel.

    • It’s possible now to walk across the bridge. How many folks do that on a regular basis? Also possible to bike across. Again, how many riders daily?

      • So if I point to a road that has more bicyclists and/or pedestrians, surely you will support removing those lanes and/or completely re-configuring the street, right?

    • Land Shark, there is NOTHING not safe about the sidewalk plan. But there is about putting in the sidewalk being demanded on the south side of the bridge. You can try to twist words and bury us in newspeak, but it doesn’t change the facts.

      • What is it with local cranks always referencing Orwell? It’s like the coastal NIMBY analog to right wingers in flyover country who quote Ayn Rand.

        • It is in reaction to the newspeak and twisting of words that has been becoming every more prevalent in order to cover up the real intents.

          And your comment is empty name-calling.

  6. I get that there are many different opinions. I support increased access for pedestrians and bicycle riders. However, the fact is that the traffic on hyperion from los feliz/silver lake feeding into this bridge is horrible. It would have to get significantly worse if there was a lane of traffic taken away. That would not be a good plan.

    • If you want more of the same, then I would agree. If you would like to try a happier, healthier, and safer approach to the bridge, then it is a good plan.

      • Happier for who? That bridge serves the purpose of moving people, mostly in cars, from Atwater into Silverlake. It should do so in the most efficient way possible. Removing a lane of traffic for bikes does not fall in that category.

  7. Agenda 21 ‘Sustainability’ = More traffic, making life hell for everybody

  8. I just wish they’d get on with it. Every day that goes by only ups the bid. When will they learn to hurry up.

  9. There’s one constituency that should be very angry about the proposal for the bridge – the proprietor of the coin toss where everyone exits Glendale Blvd. and then has to make a u-turn to cross the Hyperion Bridge. If they construct a left-turn lane off the 5 Freeway at Glendale Blvd., the coin-toss operator won’t have a captive audience anymore.

  10. David Rocket Rowley

    Everyone should walk or bike the bridge during rush hour before calling everyone names!! I have lived here 60 years and it has always been like you are on a freeway with roadracers and now everyone distracted by phones. I have seen many accidents and the debris from them.
    I just want to be able to go frm Los Feliz to Atwater without negotiating freeway like conditions or homeless encampments. Just build the bridge and save some lives!

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