City tries – again – to keep homeless away from Los Feliz’ Vermont Triangle

Los Feliz  —  In a recent gambit to keep homeless campers off Vermont Triangle, officials are considering how to redesign the traffic island, once again, possibly by crowding out tents with large planters, the L.A. Times reports.

If such a plan goes through, it’ll be the third redesign of the median in 10 years, the Times noted.

Many ideas have come up over the years for quashing homeless encampments on the median. Even the proposal for large planters was reported in the Los Feliz Ledger last year. Other ideas have included erasing crosswalks to the median, and straightening out the bureaucracy behind the triangle’s maintenance.

The Times notes the median was originally landscaped in 2009 in order to eliminate blight in nearby East Hollywood by “improving the pedestrian amenities.” Sources in the Times also note it remains, technically, a traffic median, and was never intended to be a park.

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  1. Reminds me of the triangle park on the westside that they “fixed” by fencing and never opening. https://ahbelab.com/2016/07/21/the-fight-to-open-the-ohio-bundy-triangle-park/

  2. Well, the entire point of it really shows why we have a homeless problem here — because the attitude here is to hell with the homeless. Where do they think these people will go now? If they can’t even be on an island in the middle of the street in a business district, then they will have no choice but to show up on the sidewalk in front of people homes.

    All the city has done about the homeless for more than 15 years , ever since the new crop of politicians came into office at the turn of the century, is roust them endlessly and deny them even so much as a porta potty (yes, the City Council voted AGAINST allowing porta potties on Skid Row — they just complained the homeless were using the downtown alleys for lack of anyplace else).

    In fact, so far since voters adopted a new tax to pay for homeless services, 80% of that tax has been spent to do even more police rousting of the homeless than they already had been doing. Garcetti has talked big about being god’s gift to the homeless for five years now, and still hasn’t done anything for them but talk. He was in the forefront of denying them porta potties on Skid row and in pushing ever more rousting all these years. He was out getting photo ops for rousting them on Riverside Drive in Silver Lake when he was councilman, where homeless had lived in their cars for 60+ years, away from any development. And now he wants to make out he’s their savior. In reality, Garcetti has been in the forefront of endless attacks on the homeless.

    Only now, under very heavy publicity about Garcetti doing nothing serving as a threat to his wanted run for president, is he stepping up and doing something — a mere 1,500 cots of “transitional housing” to deal with the 25,000 homeless. And more rousting.

    Meanwhile, the politicians downtown are perfectly happy with more and more tenants in lower rent apartment being evicted to make way for housing for the wealth. They just evicted 99 studio apartments (one room) on Santa Monica Boulevard a block from Sunset Junction to make it a pricy hotel — even as they scream “housing shortage, let the developers do anything they want anywhere,” which seems always to mean for the wealthy only and that more and more people become homeless.

  3. That triangle is a disaster and cesspool. two bums in it broke into a fight in the middle of traffic a few weeks ago. theres gonna be a time soon where homeless will need to take the housing our taxes are paying for, or take a one way greyhound ticket to leave the city. Just like NYC did.

    • There is no housing for them to take, there aren’t even any cots. There is only talk for years of building housing for them, but no progress on that. Yes, we are paying the taxes for it, but no, we have not gotten the housing for our money.

      and again, when you roust what you call bums fighting form that island, then the bums will move to the sidewalk in front of you home and fight there.

      And while we don’t know their background or how they came to be homeless, they might simply be people who were evicted from lower-priced housing in order to make way for housing for the wealthy instead, like all around the Skid Row area, like in much other development all over town. We’re only building housing for the wealthy, not anyone else, and we have been kicking less wealthy people out of the homes to make way for it. More and more of everyone else is acing fear of eviction and homelessness. We keep eliminating more and more and more low-cost housing.

  4. Here’s a crazy idea: how about we let police move these bums off the triangle, tents and all? Maybe have them put down the drugs/drink for a few days, take a damn shower, maybe get a job and then find a roomie to share an apartment with? Why the heck all this coddling of street bums? Why do honest, hardworking, taxpaying citizens and their families have to walk around this kind of third-world filth? WHY?

    Enough is enough.

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