How rescuers found a boy trapped in a Griffith Park sewer; Lincoln Heights gentrification & more

Rescue: A closer look at the people, cameras and maps used to find and rescue 13-year-old Jesse Hernandez after he fell into an old network of sewers and drains in Griffith Park.  Now, officials will look at why the abandoned maintenance building where Hernandez fell through a wooden plank into the sewer pipe has been left standing  for about three decades after it was decommissioned.  L.A. Times

Sewer Video: Footage from one of the videos used to help locate Jesse Hernandez shows what it was like in one of the sewer pipes that run underneath Griffith Park and along the L.A. River. Daily News

Grand Opening: Officials dedicated a new 50-unit Boyle Heights affordable apartment complex on E. First Street near Soto Street. The $21.2 million project included the relocation and renovation of a 121-year-old Victorian house and the return of seven families who lived in homes and apartments that were demolished to make way for the new apartment building. NBC 4

Gentrified: An 89-year-old woman who was forced to move out of her rented bungalow of 55 years is one of the many Lincoln Heights residents who have been pushed out by a wave of gentrification. L.A. Times

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  1. Once again the word “gentrification” being used as bait for those willing to agree that they too are victims when really all it is, is capitalism. Want to control the place you live? Own it.

  2. Did ELACC say anything specific about restoration and activation plans for the Peabody-Werden house at the grand opening of their Cielito Lindo project? It’s been almost two years since they moved the historic house, and although I was invited to one Historic Advisory Group meeting in 2015 when they talked about turning it into an art center, there’s been no response to inquiries about their plans since. The house is boarded up and has been tagged. I’m worried about it and hope some information will come out soon.

  3. It’s ok to be racist if you are not white,in an article strictly written by latinos LA times can publish ” the white hipster became the avatar for the invasion” the neighborhood was a last “stronghold” ? Like they are being attacked at the gates by words of axe wielding white supremicist?
    If a white person wrote an article about the 60’s when Mexican immigrants moved in do you think it would be ok to write ” the brown immigrant became the avatar for the invasion”?
    LA Times must be hurting for writers, instead there publishing communist manifestos by couch potato sandinistas.

    • Cool it with the racism. LA Times just knows its not ok to be white and they are sticking up for my gente of limited means. The displacement of la Raza is not ok. Just like displacement of the Native Americans.

      • “Displacement of LA RAZA” is a disqualifyer for telling some they are racist, wether you use it as “our people” “cosmic people” “our family” it directly placing a qualifier differentiating La Raza from everybody else. The displacement of Native Americans in this exact historical context has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that people who rent should know they live with the fact of uncertainty. Lets blame the white person who bought a house, NOT the landlord whom in almost every case is FROM LA RAZA, or lets blame white people for BROWN on BROWN murders like the recent one on Broadway, see it is far easier to blame someone outside LaRAZA for the communities own misgivings. This article implicitly indites white people, this sort of misdirected grievance does nothing to further the strength of the community as a whole.

        • This sounds like something Drumpf would say. These are LATINO neighborhoods and should stay that way. Outsiders are using their privilege to take advantage of the system and displace people who built these communities. Mi gente shouldn’t have to move to Palmdale and then commute to work in LA.

          As for violence and murder – it’s white men who commit the terrorist acts!

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