Highland Park shooting leaves one dead [updated]

Highland Park  — One person was fatally shot late this afternoon in the 300 block of N. Avenue 52, according to the LAPD.

The victim was declared dead at the scene, said LAPD spokeswoman Meghan Aguilar.

She had no further information available about the victim or the suspect/s responsible for the shooting, which was reported at 5:15 pm.

Aerial photos and comments posted by Stu Mundel of KCAL on Twitter indicate that the male victim was found about mid-block.

The homicide was the first in more than a year in Highland Park, according to the L.A. Times Homicide Report.

Update on May 8:  The victim was a 43-year-old man who was killed during what appears to have been  a drive-by shooting, said LAPD spokesman Drake Madison. No further information was available about the victim or the suspect or suspects and the vehicle involved. It is unknown if the shooting is gang-related, Madison said.

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  1. What law enforcement action is taking place to ensure our community is safe? Has Northeast LAPD Captain Sandoval dispatched additional officers and patrols in Highland Park. One homicide is one too many! We want safe streets, safe communities!!!

    Condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

    • You must be new to the area.

      • I’ve lived in Highland Park since 1962. I know the ups and downs of this community. Also, I’m fully aware that everyone is entitled to a better quality of life:) Therefore, I demand safe streets, safe communities!!! And, I do not want to hear excuses of why LAPD is under-staffed and lack resources in their efforts to protect and serve!

  2. Law enforcement can do nothing to prevent gang violence like this, couple this with long standing fueds with early release of prisoners, and court ended gang injunctions , this is just the beginning. Everybody loves the anti-white gentrification community activism but mention anti-gang activism and you will hear ” it’s HLP, what do you excpect” which is sad evidence of gang culture being fetishsized throughout the Eastside. Liberal politicians and judges are destroying the fabric of safety because it is easier to villianize once tough crime laws than fix your own community.

  3. And people still have a problem with Caucasians and Asians moving into the area and making the neighborhood safer. $8 Coffees or Drive-By murders by Soft-Gang-Boys, those are the options now.

    • For the record, a cup of coffee runs generally around the $3.00 range.

    • People are mad about Caucasians/middle class people moving here because they’re displacing us. What was once a working class neighborhood is quickly becoming filled with yuppies not caring what happens to who lived here before. Just look at Skid Row. But you think more white people make the neighborhood better right? This is proof that it doesn’t. You guys just push crimes elsewhere/underground. Honestly though, white people’s complaints are taken more seriously than POC so PLEASE be my guest.

  4. This is just the beginning , a lot of guys are getting release from the joint and are comming to get back there town. sorry white people but in the beginning this was our town…. viva la Raza… fuck the 8 dllr coffee and Melrose wannabe

    • So to spite us white people, you’ll kill each other. Good plan.

    • Wrong…Highland Park did not belong to La Raza. I highly recommend you do some research to find out who first settled Highland Park and called it home. Best:) Home Boy!

      I welcome all who want to live peacefully in this beautiful community of Highland Park.

    • Highland Park was one of the first suburbs of downtown LA beginning in the 1900s and primarily a German and Italian community in the beginning. It slowly evolved into a hispanic community in the 60s -70s with white flight to the SF valley. I ve lived in this area for the last 50 yrs and I think we can all make it work. In the beginning it was not your town Robert Lopez!

    • Oh boy Robert, commments like yours reveal such a sad, myopic view of our community. Please show yourself out.

    • You say Viva La Raza but then all of these incidences of Latino’s killing each other completely counters that slogan. Its confusing and looks dumb to other races.

  5. Gang members and criminals have families. So sad this happened

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