Overnight parking ban targets RVs and campers on Cypress Park and Glassell Park streets

Trucks, RVs, campers and other oversized vehicles would no longer be allowed to park overnight on nearly five miles of streets in Cypress Park and Glassell Park under a proposal by First District Councilman Gil Cedillo.

Such restrictions are usually imposed following complaints of homeless persons living in vehicles. However, there’s no mention of the homeless in Cedillo’s proposal that is now making its way through City Hall.

If Cedillo’s council motion is adopted, vehicles taller than 7 feet and longer than 22 feet would be prohibited from parking between 2 am and 6 am on the following streets:

  • The north side and median portion of North San Fernando Road between the SR2 Freeway and Eagle Rock Boulevard
  • The north side of North San Fernando Road between Division Street and Avenue 26
  • Both sides of Cypress Avenue between Cazador Street and Pepper Avenue
  • The north side of Eagle Rock Boulevard between West Avenue 36 and Cypress Avenue
  • Both sides of West Avenue 27 between Idell Street and Poplar Street
  • Both sides of Carlota Boulevard between Pasadena Avenue and East Avenue 43

Oversized vehicles would be towed away if they parked during the restricted hours.

The full City Council must approve Cedillo’s proposal.

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  1. We counted 22 between Division and Ave 34 last week when we noticed the influx of RV’s lining ERB.

  2. Sounds good to me.

  3. Those signs are also up adjacent to Echo Park Lake now, too.

  4. How about letting them park in a city owned parking lot, with security guards and case workers to try and help these people dig their way out of the situation they’re currently in. Seems like restricting parking on this street or that, is nothing more than a game of whak-a-mole.

  5. This restriction should be passed for every single street in the city of Los Angeles.

    Overnight RV street parking should be banned citywide.

  6. Reducing overnight parking without providing alternative places to park (through programs like Safe Parking LA) only further impacts the homeless problem. If you are affected by the homeless living in their RVs, it is in your interest to advocate FOR programs servicing the homeless — not for increased restricted parking. This action criminalizes homelessness and only further disenfranchises them from the community. These folks are our neighbors and we should be doing everything in our power to help them. Please call Councilmember Cedillo’s office to advocate against this: (323) 550-1538

    If you want to know more about how you can help the homeless in Cypress Park/Glassell Park, please attend the GCPNC Homelessness Committee Meetings 4th Thursday, 7PM Cypress Park Library (next meeting: May, 31st)
    GCPNC: https://cypressparknc.com/meetings/
    SELAH: https://www.selahnhc.com/
    NELA Homeless Coalition: https://nelahomelesscoalition.com/
    Recycled Rsources: https://www.recycledresources.org/

    • Nope. We need to run them out of here. They’re not our neighbors. They are vagrants. We should criminalize homelessness. They don’t have jobs and are hooked on drugs. Where do you think they get the money to buy their drugs? Quit normalizing and enabling them. That approach will never work.

      • http://everyoneinla.org/three-myths-homelessness-la/

        Come join our GCPNC HC meeting and let’s talk about it. 🙂

        GCPNC: https://cypressparknc.com/meetings/

        • Thursday, May 31, 2018


          We tried to attend the GCPNC Committee Meeting tonite regarding Councilman Cedillo’s RV Parking Proposal @ CPk Library, but an on-going adult ESR Class was on-going thru 7:30pm. Will there be a rescheduled meeting or must we wait until the next meeting scheduled for the 4th Thursday in June, 2018?

          • Shoot! I was there holding a sign at 7 PM. We must have just missed each other. Patrick, the head librarian, mentioned that someone had stopped by. Probably you! 🙂 FYI, we’re changing the meeting date and folding the committee in with other related committees for a better turnout. Check out the GCPNC website for updates!

      • Have you spoken with any of them? I have. The ones I spoke with have jobs, are local, and just want a place to live. They would gladly pay rent for a parking space in a private parking lot.

  7. While this is a good first step, these trailers are within FEET of elementary school, daycares, special need school and high schools. Several families and their young children walk to school every day and have to walk past these camps after 6am…. The streets are littered with garbage and random junk, not to mention under the RV’s are buckets to catch to feces and urine. Additionally there is a food truck with an RV parked 3 cars away… food and safety issue anyone?! I agree with some on the thread, if they need a place to park, find a lot. Having a 4 hour parking ordinance will not do anything here. Biggest issue is the proximity to schools and our children. Not to mention, I’ve started to see an increase of homeless walking around and sleeping on the side walks and laying in the grass in front of 7-11. Get them out of the school zones!

  8. Have any citations been given out? I am still seeing many of these RVs parked overnight with numbers growing.

  9. I used to live where you couldn’t park overnight on he street. I think people should have parking permits. There are way too many cars in my neighborhood…people selling cars illegally, not having insurance or parking in red zones and in front of driveways so annoying!!!

  10. So where do these people go now? They have every right to shelter and a place to park. Those with homes aren’t content on enjoying what they have, they have to oppress those with the least. A$$holes.

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