Man found dead in Highland Park Starbucks restroom

Highland Park Starbucks pictured in 2015


Highland Park  — A homeless man was found dead inside a Starbucks restroom early Wednesday evening, said officials with the L.A. County coroner’s office.

The man, 33-year-old Zachary Wayne Kiser, was unresponsive in the restroom of the Starbucks in the 6200 block of York Boulevard, said Ed Winter, assistant chief at the coroner’s office. Drug paraphernalia was also found in the restroom.

Kiser was pronounced dead at the scene at about 6 p.m. His death appears to be from a possible drug overdose, Winter said.

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  1. I found this on facebook today. Looks like he was thinking about trying to get clean.


  2. So sad. Everyone goes through tough times in their lives. Remember we need to be compassionate to one another.

    • People’s compassion usually leads to enabling. The progressive approach to drug addiction and homelessness by normalizing it makes the problem worse.

  3. How do you know this was a homeless man?

  4. Yeah compassion is a horrible thing. I hear it’s a dry heat.

  5. Because the article identifies him as a “homeless man”. Because of THAT.

  6. I watched the video that he posted on Facebook three days ago. He said hi to his kids, he described being stabbed with a beer bottle in Lancaster a few days or weeks ago after talking to someone else’s girlfriend, he described stolen goods that he had (a bunch of phones), he tossed around the “n” word (used it casually, not to refer to African-Americans), described his love-em-or-leave-em attitude in a crude way, said he wanted to stop doing drugs and get into a trade or maybe sell cars. Seems like a deeply troubled young man from a southern state. If the police had picked him up for the stolen property or for drinking in public, he’d still be alive today. But ultimately, there’s no way to save someone from himself.

    • Look at his facebook photos going back to 2010. Even the one’s around his kids – would you invite that guy over for dinner. Would you trust him with ANYTHING.

      There’s a huge difference between being on hard times and trainwrecking your life, and your families life, one bad decision at a time over decades.

      Save a little bit of your compassion for the victims in this troubled young mans wake. Even if they dont live on the street.

      • The rest of his family isn’t homeless, not are we victims. Sounds like you have nothing else to do but judge others in the middle of the night. Continued and unrelenting ptsd, along with mental illness leads to self medicating and addiction. His children would welcome him to dinner. So would i, his mother. But there are no chances left. Let those with no Sun cast the first stone.

        • I had a homeless drug addicted family member that died in a hospital. Perhaps I was projecting some.

          If he was a vet, then he deserved much better.

  7. Why are we getting a scourge of homeless drug addict criminals flooding into LA ? This is the main problem… They need to find their family support system and get the help they need … LA is being overwhelmed with these people !

    • They are in towns and cities everywhere across the world. In oklahoma we call it ‘State of Addiction’. Literally the worst epidemic ever. Manmade of course. You should check other state #s, texas…whew!
      Every 33 minutes someone dies (or some similarly horrible number) in america.

      • Tracy, I’m sorry for your loss. You mentioned that your son had PTSD; did something happen in his early years that traumatized him? When did his life start to take a negative turn? I see so many young people in this city who are in the throes of drug addiction, and I’m always curious about their lives and what led them to this point.

        • Thankyou bill, though several head injuries are responsible for zachery being unable to unscramble his brain. The severe malicious alienation from his children drive him to the streets and a despair he couldn’t overcome. Tho his children suffered more than he. It’s a cruel world out there and to many cruel ppl. He is at their side now and no one can expel him

  8. Leia Ortiz-trevino

    I visited my local Starbucks in Jan 2019. I had purchased 3 drinks and 2 meals. After buying my lunch I tried eating at a table and there was nowhere for me to sit a paying costumer it was 36 degrees outside I and me the paying costumer ate outside while homeless people that dont pay got to sit inside. Why was I forced to sit in the cold? I actually took video of my visit!

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