New Los Feliz Orchard Supply store to close as hardware chain to shut down operations

Los Feliz — The two-story Orchard Supply Hardware store, which held a grand opening celebration less than six months ago, will be closing as the entire chain ceases operations, officials announced today.

The surprise announcement came from its corporate parent, the Lowes home improvement chain, that bought Orchard Supply, known to many as OSH, out of bankruptcy court five years ago.

Lowes officials said the 99-store Orchard Supply chain generated only a fraction of overall sales and was not performing well, according to the L.A. Times.

The approximately 36,000-square-foot Los Feliz store, which occupied an entire block of Hollywood Boulevard between Edgemont Street and Kenmore Avenue, does not look like a typical, chain hardware store. Instead, of a windowless, one-story building located behind a parking lot in front, the new OSH was a two-story structure placed up against the sidewalk with large windows overlooking the street. Parking was located underground.

OSH stores will be holding closeout sales until they close for good by the end of February 2019. Employees of the Los Feliz and other OSH stores will be provided with outplacement services and be given “priority status” at employment at Lowes stores, the company said.

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  1. One has to wonder if OSH is an unfortunate victim of the MAGA/trump republican tariff economy.

    • All small businesses are victim to the cultural trends of the last 40 years in the America. Globalization to off-shore money and labor, consolidation to strangle competition, and profitization that drives down quality and service to line the pockets of some CEO in Atlanta while the staff gets paid $12/hr

      I don’t know how we haven’t enacted another Anti-trust Act… it’s truly sad to see small businesses of all kinds completely gutted throughout this country. You can be dropped into Lancaster, CA or Lancaster, PA and you’ll find nothing but the same 5 retailers. A Walmart, a CVS, a Pizza Hut and Super Cuts… I know OSH isn’t exactly a “mom and pop” but compared to the crap you get from Lowe’s or Home Depot, that place practically felt like my grandma’s

    • ^ This.

      Conservatives shop at Walmart. Liberals shop at Amazon. Two sides of the same coin as far as I’m concerned.

      Better to shop at a mom and pop whenever you can. Even if the prices are 20% higher, longterm you’ll be saving money, as a dollar spent at a big box goes straight to the Wall Street casino, never to be seen again… but a dollar spent at a locally owned business circulates within your community, creating more prosperity that you can see, touch and share in.

  2. This headline is terrible. I had to read it about 5 times before I understood that the entire OSH company is shutting down, including the store in Los Feliz.

  3. I used to go to Orchard when it was at Sunset and Western. Its was great, normally beat Home Depot on prices. I went to the new one on Hollywood Boulevard to check it out — and was shocked at how gougingly high the prices were.

    No wonder no one wanted to shop at Orchard, and it is going out of business. Greed seems to have lost them everything.

  4. The other NELA-local OSH is of course the one in South Pasadena around where the 110 passes Fair Oaks. It was good to go there because they carried some different and often higher-quality items than Depot – but of course better selection than a neighborhood hardware store. Too bad it’s going out of business.

  5. Really sad to hear this — the OSH in South Pas only recently got a total makeover, and whoever put the new Hollywood store together did a really nice job making it an attractive and appealing experience. Just went there the other day and was asked several times in a few minutes if I could use help — sorry to lose this customer-oriented business to the ravages of time and Big- / Bigger-Box progress!

  6. LA journalist Sam Quinones had a helpful post about the back story. Spoiler: not to do with tariffs, more about corporate debt and restructuring. See: http://samquinones.com/reporters-blog/2018/08/28/orchard-supply-hardware-and-the-mediocrity-of-millionaires/

  7. Can we get the city of Los Feliz to rally for a Trader Joe’s as a replacement? 36k SF, Underground Parking, Hi Traffic, Visible, Near All Major Hospitals, 2 huge Apartment/Retail being built across the street, near Barnsdale Park…someone help me get the movement for a TJ’s!!! Or a Sprouts!!!

  8. I was thinking of moving here soon & was so sad to see Orchard close as well as businesses across the street… I would agree for a Trader Joe’s yet what else would be nice for middle class & visitors of all sorts here ? Trader Joe’s Lol.
    Decor / Garden shops, kids, Vintage – connect with Silver lake, Art Galleries….

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