Attorneys and family put more pressure on LAPD over fatal Silver Lake Trader Joe’s shooting

Albert Corado (center) is flanked by the family's attorneys

Albert Corado (center) is flanked by the family’s attorneys

Silver Lake  —  An attorney for the family of Melyda Corado, the Trader Joe’s manager killed during a gunbattle between police and a suspect, claimed today that officers did not follow department policy when they began shooting outside the store.

In a press conference in a Downtown hotel, attorney John Taylor and Corado’s father, Albert, said they had been kept in the dark about the circumstances surrounding the July 21 shootout. Corado, an innocent bystander, was struck and killed by an officer’s bullet during the gunbattle.

They repeated requests that LAPD provide all unedited department dashcam, bodycam and store surveillance video.

“We have many questions about how Mely died, but we don’t have any answers,” said Albert Corado. “We are here to ask the Los Angeles Police Department to [turn over] evidence so we can move on with our lives.”

“Out-of-Policy Shooting”

Taylor said that the brief pieces of police video that have been released  appear to show the incident was an “out of policy shooting.”

“The officers in the pursuit car had no tactical plan, got out of their vehicle, already having made up their minds to fire their weapons without assessing the background …. and shot in the direction of Trader Joe’s,” Taylor said. He noted that several other bystanders were standing outside the store and inside vehicles as officers shot across the parking lot in the direction of the store entrance.

Taylor and another attorney present deflected questions about whether the family was preparing to file a lawsuit over the shooting.

An LAPD spokesman said the department would not have any comment. Police chief Michel Moore has apologized over the shooting as the department conducts an internal investigation.

The department released additional video this morning. But Taylor dismissed the video a public relations effort to to “shine a favorable light” on the officers.

Mely Corado Was  An Innocent Bystander

Officers had been pursuing Gene Evin Atkins, who allegedly shot his grandmother and another woman earlier in the day,  when his car crashed into a post in front of the Trader Joe’s on Hyperion Avenue.

Officers and Atkins exchanged gunfire as he emerged from the car and went into the store. It was during this time that Corado was shot, went back into the store and collapsed near the manager’s station, according to police.

Numerous shoppers and workers were trapped or held hostage in the store for several hours after Atkins surrendered to police.

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  1. I agree. I have seen what LAPD is releasing now under the new transparency policy. There is ZERO transparency in it, it is 100% manipulative propaganda — and that is as dishonest as it gets, even less transparent that releasing noting, as it is just manipulative.

    Stop the propaganda and just release the entire raw footage, and without LAPD on top of it in the video telling you how you should interpret what you see — a known manipulation tactic under the rule that the first thing people hear is what they will believe, later input will be rejected. Simply release the raw footage with no manipulative propanda in it.

    Still, even in the original cut footage, while LAPD says the suspect was shooting at them after he crashed, in fact, the video shows he very quickly got out of the car, turned his back to them and ran into the store. How was he shooting at them behind him when his back was turned to them?! No, there are no flashes of a gun shooting in that video, I saw it.

    That shooting was out of policy. As they would demand of anyone else, “man up,” be honest and admit it, and take an h0nest and proper course to address it. By LAPD’s handling of things, for this case and many others, by their example, everyone should lie and distort the facts, not take responsibility. That is the lesson to be learned here, and everyone should lie and deny any responsibility for their actions.

    In fact, that family IS going to file a suit, and should, and once done, they can force the release — so LAPD refusing to hand it over to them now is only a tactic to delay, delay, delay in a dishonest effort to wear them down and run up the attorney bills. The public should learn by LAPD’s example Lie through your teeth and use dirty tactics at every turn.

    How am I supposed to turn to children and point to LAPD tactics as they way they should behave and values they should adopt?!

    • Yeah, its the evil LAPD trying to save the day…AGAIN!! Its entirely their fault for trying to stop a violet gunmen from running into a store full of innocent shoppers. Never mind the violent gunman and all of his actions though right??

      If they had stopped and there were casualties inside, Tom and fellow ####’s would have complained that they didn’t do enough!

      It was a terrible accident, however it would have been a lawsuit either way with today’s society…

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