Pigeons and protestors flocking to Forever 21’s Lincoln Heights HQ

Photo by Josef Bray-Ali


Lincoln Heights  — Animal rights protesters have been demonstrating in front of the Mission Road headquarters of Forever 21, saying the apparel chain has been inhumane by trapping pigeons in its parking lot. The company, however, says it has acted with “an abundance of caution.”

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – or PETA – is asking Forever 21 to stop trapping the pigeons in favor of alternative approaches. Those would include  sonic repellants (e.g. recordings of pigeons in distress) and visual deterrents (such as revolving lights, mirrors or effigies of predatory birds) to drive the pigeons away.

Apparently the birds are flocking in search of food in the same parking lots where food trucks cater to company employees.

“In addition to tearing wild families apart and leaving orphaned young to starve, trapping initiatives are traumatic for victims, who experience immense distress and can succumb very quickly to stress, exposure, or injuries sustained in frantic attempts to escape,” said PETA in a statement. “Furthermore, as long as the area remains attractive to the species, newcomers will simply arrive in order to fill the void created when others are removed.”

Forever 21, for its part, says it try to maintain a sanitary environment while not harming the pigeons.

“After being notified of an isolated pigeon issue, Forever 21 began working with Urban Wildlife, a third-party wildlife service expert to help resolve the situation and in order uphold all health and safety regulations for our employees,” said the company in a statement.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we brought in a third party humane specialist from spcaLA – who further ensured that all animal safety regulations were being met with the utmost compliance,” said the company.

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  1. Forever 21’s excuses don’t hold water. The bottom line is these intelligent birds are being trapped. The alternatives mentioned wouldn’t harm them. Why not do the right thing?

  2. Awesome! I hope Forever 21 does the right thing and stops trapping pigeons. There are kinder ways to improve the situation.

  3. They should switch to more humane deterrents, not trapping!

  4. oi vey! i get it..it sucks..but out of all the problems going on this world..this is what people decide to protest against? i mean..to each their own..but ya i don’t know

  5. People of color getting shot by police every single day but white people are protesting to save some pigeons (aka flying rats). Never change, America.

    • not to be nit-picky, but there’s a black girl with braids smack dab in the middle of the picture and also maybe a Latina.
      sincerely, a white person who thinks this protest is as ridiculous as you do.

  6. It IS possible to care about more than one thing at a time.

    And TheRealMonty, it appears that only one of the protestors in the image is white so not sure your argument holds.

    • that is true SusanEm..but even then..there are 9832899823 other more important things to care about..i mean..i can name you a thousand off the top of my head and i’m really stoned

  7. Who cares about these stupid pigeons. These people have privileged lives to have the concern, time, and resources to focus on this.

  8. Not gonna lie. I hate pigeons.

    • Oh $h&@…. i honestly thought this was a joke! HAHAHAHA….. the time and F-ing resources for Pigeons?!!! the crap these people have time for i swear.

  9. joe mama need stop crying

    trapping pigeons i doubt that.. capturing and relocating makes more sense.. im glad people read articles and give there full support toward a righteous movement.. but forever 21 isnt in the capturing pigeons and holding them hostage on sight . human or pigeon rights on the line humans.. they are rodents with diseases.. so what everyone saying fuck people health let them rodents live smh..

  10. joe mama need stop crying

    peta pick up the shit those pigeons your fighting for drop and then we can talk!

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