Silver Lake Hit-And-Run Crash: Police release surveillance video as they seek public’s help to find suspect [updated]

Video of vehicle involved in Silver Lake hit-and-run crash

Video of vehicle involved in Silver Lake hit-and-run crash

Silver Lake   — Police today released a video of the BMW that was involved in a hit-and-run crash with a motorized scooter earlier this week, injuring two men, one of whom is now in a coma.

The crash happened at about 8:55 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 4  near the intersection of Glendale Boulevard and Waverly Drive when two men on a motorized scooter were struck from behind by the car, police said.

The driver of the gray 2010 BMW 5 Series failed to stop, identify themselves or assist the victims, police said. The driver was described as a male, with a beard, dark features, heavy set between 35-40 years of age. There was a female seated in the front passenger seat.

Detectives are trying to determine if there are additional witnesses with cell phone video or any information that will identify and assist with locating the suspected driver of the BMW.

Bystanders called for paramedics and the passengers were transported to a hospital. A 35-year-old victim is currently is on life support in a coma, said Detective Moses Castillo with the LAPD Central Traffic Division.  The other scooter rider, described as a man in his 50s, has been treated and released from the hospital.

A surveillance video released by police shows the suspect’s vehicle at the corner of Glendale and and Rowena Avenue near the crash scene. The vehicle stopped and went into reverse to dislodge the bike caught under the vehicle, Castillo said. The vehicle then drove forward and turned westbound on Glendale.

Anyone with information about this collision is asked to contact Central Traffic Division, Detective Moses Castillo at (213) 833-3713 and or email at 30215@lapd.online. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to www.lacrimestoppers.org. A reward of up to $25,000 is available to community members who provide information leading to the offender’s identification, apprehension, and conviction or resolution through a civil compromise.

Update on Sept. 11:  35-year-old Esdras Velazquez died from his injuries nearly a week after the crash.

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  1. That is a nasty intersection with the hill and the sharp angle for cars coming off of Rokeby. It doesn’t help that I NEVER see cops writing traffic violations for anything other than parking. Despite so many terrible drivers. My thoughts are with the victims.

  2. This type of shit happens everyday in LA and no one cares. Death and destruction is the status quo on our public streets and the public does not care.

  3. This is terrible, my thoughts are with the victim and the family/friends. I live across from this intersection and have called the police, spoken to the traffic dept. at LA City, and a number of other stakeholders. I have seen so many accidents–and near accidents here–including a 12 year old boy almost getting careened on his bike last year, and now this! What will it take for the city to do something about this? Councilman Ryu, if you are reading this please help. Neighbors and concerned parties, let’s make some noise and get something changed here.

  4. This is awful, but I have a question. Shouldn’t the new e-scooters be subject to the same regulations as bicycles? Shouldn’t they have headlights and tail lights if they are being ridden after dark?

  5. Why surveillance cameras have such terrible resolution? I can’t even see the scooter on this thing.

    • As best I can tell, the accident is not in this video. I think that is the scooter on the other side of the car headed to the right in the photo.

      If so, then the question I raise about this is, what was a piddling scooter out in the middle of the street for? Not that that in any way justifies hitting it and taking off. But why wasn’t it on the side of the road like a bicycle? And there were two people on one scooter? Were either wearing a helmet?

      None of that excuses hitting the scooter, but it might have avoided it and/or reduced the injuries.

      But also, underpowered scooters are also the reason there was a state law barring any motorized vehicle on the road if less than a 90cc motor as a hazard (is it still on the books in this day of pushing bicycles onto the roads?). Again, this is not to blame the scooter riders or anyone else, but again, this is an issue with being in the middle of the street, and no matter any rights you might claim, as a police officer said in a class I was in a few decades ago, use common sense, right or not, don’t insist on it, its your body out there.

      • I’ve heard it was a Moped or Vespa-like scooter, not a Bird-type scooter. And though the intersection of Waverly and Glendale is awful, I’ve also heard that both the scooter and the car were heading south on Glendale and that the car rear-ended the scooter.

        • If the car rear-ended the scooter, then I don’t see how it could have gotten caught on the back end of the car, as might be depicted in the video and I believe was reported previously, rather than the front.

          Even two people on a Vespa or Moped is too much, they are not made for that. But the are a bit more suitable to the middle of the road than a Bird-type scooter — not much, but a little. They really should be in the right-most lane as slower vehicles. But that doesn’t make a real difference to this accident.

          • Problem is we allow cars to travel at highway traffic speeds through the middle of complex urban environments… deadly collisions are a feature, not a bug.

      • “…the question I raise about this is, what was a piddling scooter out in the middle of the street for…”

        You can raise this question, but it seems to be quite beside the point. Of all questions this incident brings up, this is what you want to focus on?

  6. The driver has clearly behaved irresponsibly by fleeing the scene of the accident, however, let’s not rush to judgment that the scooter guys did not have some blame. There are plenty of reckless cyclists and scooter drivers about silverlake.

    • Are you kidding? Irresponsible? Two people lie gravely injured in the street and the car driver calmly stops to remove parts of their vehicle from the front of his car before driving off and leaving them. The guy is a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve any other than to rot in jail for a long time.

      • You’re an extremist with your attitude about rotting in jail for a long time. However, yes, this is a hit-and-run felony.

        • Traffic laws are disobeyed because the chance of being caught is practically nil unlee you happen to fall into an LAPD trap. There seems to be an increase in hit and runs. I believe anyone found guilty of hit and run should serve a long hard jail term and never be allowed to drive again. This might cause people to choose to stay at the scene of their accident.

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