Suspects in Saturday night shootings in Atwater Village and Highland Park remain at large


Police said today that no arrests have been made so far in connection with two shootings in Atwater Village and Highland Park that left one person dead and two injured on Saturday night.

The shootings happened within 30 minutes of each other, But police say the Oct. 6 incidents are unrelated.

At about 10:42 pm, a man was killed during what police believe was a gang-related shooting outside a Del Taco at Los Feliz Boulevard and Brunswick Avenue in Atwater Village. The victim, identified as 26-year-old Bryan Rodriguez of Glendale, was pronounced dead at the scene.  A dark-colored vehicle was seen driving away from the scene, said NBC4.

About 30 minutes later in Highland Park, a man and a woman were shot near Johnny’s Bar on York Boulevard and Avenue 50 at about 11:15 pm.

The occupants from a passing vehicle yelled out gang affiliations before firing multiple shots and driving away, police said based on preliminary information. Photos posted on social media showed a bullet hole in a shattered window at the front of the bar.

Both victims are expected to survive their injuries Burcher said.

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  1. The information coming from LAPD about the shootings in Atwater Village and Highland Park this past Saturday night reveal a disgusting attitude of apathy and repulsive culture of laziness in practice by Northeast Station Homicide.

    They have not been able to provide any description of suspects for either of the shootings which occurred only 30 minutes apart at 2 separate locations within the designated patrol area of Northeast Station.

    Yet, the police claim the shootings are unrelated.

    Common sense tells us there is a significant probability the 2 shootings are related.

    By what evidence can they claim the shootings are not related, when it seems they possess no relevant information about either incident.

    By making the unsubstantiated and unreasonable claim the shootings are not related, Det. Burcher and his co-workers at Northeast Station Homicide have provided themselves with an excuse to be ineffective, lazy and worthless.

    And to allow potentially critical evidence to be lost, so that the killing of a 26 year old man at the Del Taco will probably never be solved.

    If the Northeast Station Homicide detectives would admit there may be a connection between these two shootings within the territory which they carry the responsibility and are paid for protecting, then they would need to actually perform an investigation, i.e. do some real detective work.

    They would need to make an effort to collect surveillance video from commercial and residential property owners along the potential drive path between the two shooting sites.

    Fortunately, there are only 4 likely intersections where the suspects would have crossed San Fernando Road – Chevy Chase, Los Feliz, Glendale or Fletcher. Or they may have headed west on Los Feliz to enter the 5 fwy.

    There is a reasonable possibility the suspects originated in Highland Park and drove the same route to Atwater Village and then back to Highland Park.

    If the detectives were able to pull surveillance video from a few key locations along the potential drive route and closely review a narrow time frame from before and after the Atwater Del Taco shooting, they could potentially find evidence leading to the identification, capture and conviction of a killer(s).

    But that would require investigators to immedeately begin contacting property owners while they can still pull video from that specific time frame.

    Since the dead person is not from a wealthy family and he wasn’t a celebrity,
    Northeast Homicide has provided themselves the excuse to do nothing.

    Which fits in perfectly with their history of collecting a nice monthly paycheck while doing nothing to solve the murder of innocent people or solving a murder by framing an innocent kid from the community.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The victims are probably not white. If they were, the FBI would probably be on it by now. Oh yeah, and the shooter would probably be an illegal alien.

  3. NHI I believe this is the LAPD term.

    it’s cold, it’s judgmental, it’s a reality.

    Who in the right mind yells and gets killed over yelling three letters that are incompatible with the other person’s ideology? Its Tribalism at its worst. unfortunately it’s not black and white various Shades of Grey and what is socially acceptable.

    however your expectations of solving the crime maybe a little unrealistic.

    usually with gang murders a snitch is involved and they’re able to find the killer that way. believe it or not, cameras are not the miracle CSI makes it out to be.

    there often lens flares, electronic failure,retention policy failure.
    The bank should have the best cameras available on the Block if the killer drove in in that direction actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Chase captured the whole thing simple because Banks go over Kill with cameras.

    I’m sorry if it’s personal for you. I’m sorry for your loss.

    however what do you expect if you’re gangmember?

  4. Rumor has it the suspect from the Johnny’s shooting was white and not gang related but stems from a argument that originated within the bar. Seriously go ask the bartenders. The victims were not gang members. But yeah let’s blane them.

  5. I know the man that was killed and he was 100 percent NOT A GANG member Laos is lazy and does not wish to be depicted as lazy so they brandish a head line staring it was gang related so the public loses interest as they portray him to be a gang member.

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