Blue Bottle Coffee leaving Echo Park cafe society behind

Blue Bottle Coffee Echo Park

Echo Park — Patrons of Echo Park’s Blue Bottle Coffee shop will soon have to leave the neighborhood to find their favorite brew.

The store, located on Sunset Boulevard in the historic Jensen’s Recreation Center, is closing on Dec. 5 after only three years in the neighborhood, the company announced.

“We’re putting our focus on our other LA cafes,” said a company spokeswoman. In fact, the company announced the opening of a new shop in Santa Monica this week.

The nearest Blue Bottle shops to Echo Park include outlets in Downtown, the Arts District and Los Feliz.

And Blue Bottle customers can still patronize the half dozen or so coffee shops that line Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

No word on what will replace Blue Bottle.

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  1. Good riddance!

  2. Goodbye Nestle!

  3. long live stories

  4. Well, that’s one less latte to worry about…

  5. I frequent the one DTLA @ 3rd and Broadway. The staff is fantastic. I always felt appreciated and respected. They remember me. I don’t find that anywhere else. I tip well. It’s a nice escape from the madness of downtown. I on the other had, avoid EP and SL like the plague. Mainly because of all the too cool for skool kids like those bitching above.

    • Too cool for school kids that would rather drink coffee at mom and pop coffee shops that have been around for a minute rather than Nestle owned Blue Bottle.

    • It’s no reflection on the staff, or how nice the space might have been — but there are people in this neighborhood who care where their money goes and would rather give it to Mom & Pops over Nestle or Starbucks. Is that so distasteful? No need to drag out the tired trope of “too cool for skool kids…” We just would rather support local businesses. Enjoy your DTLA Nestle latte.

      • Dude, I was here when the Blue Nun was a thing. Crest Coffee Shop was open. Too many gay bars to count. A Different Bookstore, years and years and years before Stories. Who was living, where you currently are living, 30 years ago, then let’s talk about supporting local businesses? You supported a hip neighborhood coffee shop but couldn’t walk another block to by some tamales or tres leches. See what I’m saying. Same as it ever was.

        • Your argument makes no sense. So because 30 years ago there was other locally-owned businesses where current local-owned businesses are, we should feel bad?
          And onto of that you’re making the assumption that we don’t support other local businesses? Cool story.

          You’re supporting a chain coffee-shop that is owned by Nestle. The end.

          • I agree with Too Cool. Kirk, we’re happy to see Blue Bottle go because we DO and DID support Celaya, La Guadalapana, Santa Fe Tortilleria and many other local places that have closed. Your argument makes zero sense.

  6. good-bye nestle indeed!

  7. I was going to mention Nestle as well. Clearly Echo Park does not need corporates, especially those that have been tapping water illegally, when we have so many independent coffee shops like Stories and Tierra Mia!

    • Let’s also not forget the breast milk scandal Nestle was at the center of starting in the 1970s and continuing to today, causing infant illness and death in poor communities by promoting bottle feeding (i.e. their own formula) and discouraging breast feeding, giving kickbacks to doctors and spreading misinformation all over the place. Gross.

  8. The interior design of the place going up in the old Chango space looks a lot like Intelligentsia. Does anyone know if that is what is opening there?

  9. I just don’t want any more sterile, “artisinal”, corporate coffee providers. East side coffee houses used to hang local artists’ paintings (of wildly varying quality) with an anti-authoritarian, anti-art school sensibility.
    Does anyone remember The Onyx on Vermont? Is this tradition erased in favor of blindingly white, prissy coffee “experiences”?

  10. Nestle is evil!!! Byyyyyyyyyye!!!! I am proud of Echo Park to not let corporate influence put the local cafes out of business.

  11. Bye Ashy!

  12. I have to wonder where the outrage is over Lassens whose owners hate gay people so much that they felt compelled to spend large sums of money trying to strip them of their right to marry in California. I will never forget that the campaign Lassens helped fund even succeeded temporarily until the Supreme Court stepped in with their ruling that marriage is a fundamental right. As far as I know Lassens has never apologized or done anything to make amends.

    • Yes! Any business with people with these types of views should be run out of business! No more people spreading their hate and lies.

    • Exactly. Lassens spent tens of thousands of dollars toward the Yes on 8 anti-marriage equality campaign. They are unapologetic bigots and any Progressive who supports them is complicit. BOYCOTT!

  13. Imo, it has very little to do with BB being a regional or local brand and more to do with the vacuity of the Blue Bottle brand itself. The staff were more than likely local. The milk, the coffee, the sugar, those were all from somewhere else. The customers, probably local, not enough of them. Apparently, by the majority of commenters here, there are many more willing to blow the doors off anything local in EP – that’s why Fix and Chango are still in business?

    I’m willing to wager more than half of the haters here are waiting for a delivery from Amazon.

  14. Feel free to sit for hours at your “mom and pop” coffee shop bemoaning corporations as you type away on your Macbook with dreams of selling your sophomoric screenplay to a multinational media conglomerate. Yeah, you haters really are superior.

  15. time 4 Cafe Dulce plzzzzz

  16. Late to the conversation, but just wanted to add that Bluebottle coffee just isn’t that good. It’s probably an acquired taste, but I remember tasting it in SF years ago and wondering what the hype was all about. Plus, although the staff were largely pleasant, architecturally it was a sterile unwelcoming environment

    Stories is awesome and makes good coffee—long may they last in that spot. Nobody’s mentioned it yet, so I will add my 5c and say that, IMO, Woodcat has by far the best coffee in the Echo Park and Silver Lake area and is a sweet spot in which to linger.

  17. Not going to miss it a bit, was happy to give my patronage to many other great coffee shops in the neighborhood rather than Blue Bottle.

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