Echo Park drive-in market to be demolished for parking lifts

Echo Park —  The Hi-Ho Drive-in Market has closed for good as plans have emerged to demolish the building to make room for a “mechanical parking” facility where vehicles are stacked on top of each other.

The building at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Montana Street has seen better days.  It’s exterior has been marred with graffiti and debris and it has become a magnet for the homeless who spend their days and nights along Glendale Boulevard. But the market — more like a convenience store — has been praised by Yelp users as a handy place to buy everything from milk and Lotto tickets to booze and cigarettes.

A demolition permit is pending for the market, built in 1965, and a smaller structure, which apparently once served as a Fotomat booth. The plan is to build a parking lot with “2-lift mechanical parking, according to permits under review.

A representative for Stayner Architects said the site will serve as a “satellite parking facility for the teachers and staff at the nearby Gabriella Charter School.”

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  1. So, while the city keeps trying to find excuses to eliminate parking lots and street parking in order to make people ride bicycles to work or take transit, teachers get the reverse, they get a special parking lot built just for them?

    Why don’t teachers have to do and be subject to what the rest of us have to do?


      God forbid we give people with one of the most important jobs an easy place to park. They deserve this more than anyone.

      • No one deserves it more than anyone else! And teachers are not a more important job than a LOT of other jobs! You must be a teachers’ union official total like that.

        That comment hits me not only as wrongheaded but as downright offensive. How insulting to everyone else. I surely hope that kind of attitude is not what teachers are teaching our kids.

        • You don’t think teachers deserve a place to put their vehicles? Provided by their employers? And that they should have to commute by some heinous combo of buses (no train stop in Silverlake/Echo Park!) from wherever their meager salary enables them to live (not in Silverlake/Echo Park!), adding hours to their already long and exhausting work day (which does not end when students go home)? Did you miss the memo about how teachers are chronically under compensated & under appreciated in this country?

    • Weird. Gov workers seem to consistently make out better than the rest of us.

      • This is for charter school teachers so they’re basically contractors without any of the protections of being a government employee. The charter school movement is super shady and really ought to be rolled back. No real shock that they can get the money together to buy this property as their funding isn’t going to their teachers.

    • LOL what are you subject to? Having to find parking? LOL

    • Give teachers whatever they want! I’m serious. Teachers work so hard and are paid so little. The least we can do is give a teacher a parking spot. As far as I’m concerned teachers deserve a friggin’ free house too!

    • And they’re charter School teachers, they’re for profit School teachers. Why do they get such special treatment when they’re already getting special treatment?

      • Try being a teacher. Even just for one day, all day, whether at a charter, public, or private. I dare you. I double dare you…..and then I’ll listen to you. It’s a very hard job for very little pay with loads of requirements such as degrees, advanced degrees, credentials, professional development requirements, data, and on and on for pay that is on par with very unskilled labor.
        Please do not comment on how easy teachers have it unless you have taught for several years. I have. In public, inner city, charter, and private. Teachers deserve a standing ovation every day they teach. It’s tough work with no breaks (summer and weekends don’t exist any more for teachers by the way) and most people don’t realize they are not getting paid for summer months, yet they are expected to take classes, e-mail, attend meetings, etc.
        A parking space? You betcha! Anything else you need teachers? If we want to keep teachers teaching our kids in a city that is increasingly impossible to live in at a teacher’s wage, “perks” such as parking, affordable housing, overall respect, will have to be jacked up. Young teachers are leaving LA in droves to places where they can actually own a home AND get a parking space. Thank you teachers, for all you do!

      • You sound like someone who knows ZERO about teachers, public or charter. What a disgusting way to spread misinformation and right wing propaganda. Get out of here.

      • Charters are not for profit. A 20 second Google search would reveal this basic information.

    • Can you give an example of “the city” removing a parking lot and replacing it with something that does not have parking?

  2. This “store” appeared to be loosely assembled out of plyboard and spare parts, honestly can’t believe this structure didn’t just cave in after that rain storm we recently had. Definitely glad to see this gone.

  3. This place needed to be torn down years ago

  4. Parking for a Charter school with public money. An expensive car lift parking lot are you kidding me? Public schools are challenged to by pencils and our tax money is going to build car lift parking for a charter school? Mismanagement and outrageous expenditures seem to be the order of the day. I hope there is a public hearing for this one,

  5. They should’ve just rented out spaces from the Vons or the Rite-Aid lots, those are never more than 50% full and they could’ve saved a ton of money by not buying land in a hot market and erecting super expensive parking lifts.

  6. Why is this by right? If this needed any discretion, there’s no way I would grant it.

  7. The city should make Liberty St. on the street east of Vons into diagonal parking like on Reservoir around the corner.

  8. Does this *parking structure have anything to do with recent repeated shakedowns of homeless people by the police?

    Every recent visit to Vons I’ve noticed this happening. Rich white people with money always call the cops on the OTHERS they’d prefer not be there. IJS.

    • Heroin and meth addicts have no merit, and get no love when they prey on the residents , constantly breaking into cars , burglarizing homes and i ain’t trying to wait to see whatcha one of these mentally disturbed people threaten my family on our property again. You liberal voters are ass backwards man.

  9. I am glad this building will be removed, if we can call business, the owners operators, were very mean, the place was filthy and began extending little by little, without permits, thanks nothing major happened, only the accumulation of trash, graffiti and homeless. Now that this will be a parking space, which I believe is too small, but better than nothing. Now for people who is against it, because claim, why the teachers will have a special treatment. Don’t forget that all of us, during one time of our lives, and now our children and grand-children, were instructed by teachers, who are not even well paid, I don’t see the problem to provide parking for them, anyway we pay taxes with our real estate property and purchase we made, at least the money should be used for a good cause.

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