Highland Park vegan beer garden prepares to open on York Boulevard

Hinterhof sign Highland Park

Highland Park – The vegan beer garden that we told you about last year should be ready to open by the end of the month, Eater L.A. reports.

Hinterhof on York Boulevard is set to offer 12 German beers on tap as well as vegan omelets, buckwheat pancakes, waffles, schnitzel, vegan cheese, potato pancakes, bratwurst, currywurst, wienerschnitzel. Vegan sausages will be made on site.

The concept is the brainchild of first-time restaurant owners Eric Funk and Matthias Brandt, a native German. After spotting the space while riding his bike, Brandt and business partners took over the Taco Treat space and eventually demolished it, keeping only the George Jetson-ish green arrow from the original Taco Treat sign, which was repurposed for the signature Hinterhof sign.

“We are naming the space Hinterhof, after the inner courtyards of residential pre-war apartment buildings in Berlin,” Brandt told The Eastsider last year. “These spaces are where Berliners casually meet with their neighbors in the evenings and on weekends to eat, drink and catch up.”

While Brandt has a retail shop in San Francisco, Hinterhof will be his first foray into the restaurant world. “I have been building a great team, however, and have been working on the menu for some time with a very talented German chef, herself vegetarian, who co-owned a successful German restaurant in Santa Barbara with her family.’

Initial plans for the restaurant called for a 2,100-square-foot space with 87 indoors seats and 36 outdoor seats.

Rendering of Hinterhof Beer Garden and German Kitchen | Courtesy Matthias Brandt

Hinterhof is at 4939 York Blvd. in Highland Park.

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  1. More colonizer food. Does nothing for the gente of limited means who used to enjoy an affordable taco in this location.

    • This hasn’t been a Taco Treat for years. If you are familiar with the area you’d know that. Also, you’d know that Charlie’s taco truck is consistently parked across the street offering affordable tacos to your gente. Seriously your comments about vegans and vegan restaurants are illogical and frankly getting old.

      • I know it was not a taco place for a long time, but the point it was a place where low income families could purchase food and now it will be some expensive place. Same thing is happening in Boyle heights but La Raza is going to take a stand. This is mane fest destiny same thing happened to the native Americans it’s happening now

    • This hasn’t been a taco stand in years. And seriously, what’s your problem with vegans?

    • I am not a vegan and I welcome Hinterhof to the neighborhood just the same. There is no lacking of affordable tacos in HLP so no need to worry there. But I suspect your problem isn’t with the food nor the prices.

    • Nothing more annoying than Vegans.

    • Ask any Tongva, tacos are colonizer food too.

      You know, Norteno music is German, originally. Why not try the food?

      • And the colonizers wiped out the Tongva. La Raza needs to take a stand and resist this racist getrification.

        • C’mon man, you know you’re gonna lose again. DBH, BHAAD, whatever are a bunch of bigoted crybabies. You all are the ones being racist. Get over your Marxist selves.

          • Respectfully educate yourself. Can’t be racist toward colonizers.

          • LOL, poly sci 101 at it’s finest. Again: if close to 50% of the population of NELA and Boyle Heights are foreign born who exactly are the colonizers? I can tell you one thing, it ain’t me.

            These areas are returning to historical norms. Sorry you can’t keep up.

            Bigoted, discriminatory, racist…. call it whatever, you’re representing it in spades.

  2. This looks great! Welcome to the neighborhood !

  3. Yum-Yum…sounds like a great new restaurant addition to the neighborhood. Love all the vegan food options on York. The vegan trucks and pop-ups are rockin the food choices.

  4. Barron, I know seeing more guero-owned businesses in HLP sux, but maybe we could direct our struggle to educating everyone about the rent laws that exist in LA. We should prevent housing displacement first— restaurants and cafes later.

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