Proposal would ban overnight RV parking on Elysian Valley streets

Oversized vehicles would be banned from parking overnight on Ripple Place

Elysian Valley  — RVs, campers and large trucks would be prohibited from parking overnight on several streets under a proposal made by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell.

Officials have been imposing similar restrictions across the city to deal with persons who live and sleep in vehicles parked on city streets.

In this case, however, O’Farrell’s motion now making its way through City Hall says the overnight parking ban is intended to deal with “public safety issues” and “dangerous situations” created by the parking of large vehicles that “constrict travel lanes.”

Vehicles that are longer than 22 feet and taller than 7 feet would be banned from parking between 2 am and 6 am on these streets:

  • Lowe Street between Queen Street and Blimp Street
  • Blimp Street between Lowe Street and Blake Avenue
  • Fruitdale Street between Ripple Street and the cul-de-sac
  • Ripple Street between Newell Street and Rosanna Street
  • Ripple Place between Rosanna Street and the northerly cul-de-sac
  • Glenview Avenue between its southern and northern cul-de-sacs
  • Blake Avenue between Rich Street and Gail Street

That adds up to a little more than a mile of roadway on the north end of the neighborhood. Violators would be towed away.

The motion is scheduled to be reviewed and voted upon by the City Council on Dec. 11.


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  1. Does O’Farrell’s motion say where any homeless people who have been providing for themselves by having a camper or the like to live in should park if kicked out of those semi-industrial streets? Is he sending them to your street?

    And note, this, as described in this article, does not apply only to such vehicles of people living out of the vehicle, but to your camper that you park in front of your house as well — if you happen to live on a semi-industrial street. You will be allowed to park it there and “create public safety issues” and “constrict traffic lanes” and “create dangerous situations” for everyone during any hour of the day or night when anyone might possibly be around those semi-industrial streets — but you may not park there when no one is around or driving there between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

    Honestly, O’Farrell does not want this to be a measure to attack the homeless and continue to relentlessly roust they anywhere and everywhere they go, they aren’t even mentioned. This is because the vehicles “create public safety issues” and “constrict traffic lanes” and “create dangerous situations.”

    O’Farrell, his predecessor and now mayor Eric Garcetti, and the res of the City Council have done nothing for the homeless all these past 20 years other than to ruthlessly and constantly roust them and often look for any excuse to arrest them ever since the new crop of elected officials took office at the turn of the century. And O’Farrell is continuing it. Where are these people to go if not here? There is no housing for the homeless, even though the city keeps saying they go to homeless camps and try to place them — they city has no place to put them and even with a new tax to provide such for several years now, only a mere handful of units have been provided, and that only under intense pressure on Garcetti and a threat to he presidential ambitions.

    • Henry – you may have unrealistic expectations of how much new housing we can get with revenue from the homeless housing tax promoted by Mayor Garcetti and sold to the voters in Los Angeles.

      Only a limited portion of the new money is left to build housing after the LAPD and the Dept of Sanitation and Dept. of Street Services get the extra funding they need to properly dismantle and clean-up the homeless encampments.

  2. Henry –
    You should have learned by now that Councilmember O’ Farrell is a problem-solver and a tree-planter.
    O”Farrell’s most favored method of effective problem-solving is the creation of new temporary preferred parking districts and restricted parking zones.
    The City of Los Angeles municipal code requires specific on-site traffic surveys, vehicle surveys and community input process for creation and approval of new permanent permit parking districts.
    The alternative method of creating the temporary permit parking district is where Councilman O’Farrell has become prolific.
    The temporary permit parking district is specifically limited in its potential size. It also involves much less objective data collection and citizen input than the permanent permit parking district.
    Endorsement by the councilmember of the district is a critical step in creation of the temporary permit parking district.
    Although temporary by name , the parking district renews annually with the signature of the councilmember.
    These arbitrary parking restrictions can result in squeezing an existing problem over to the next block or street. Thats a good thing, because it creates a new micro-group of constituents desperate for relief who will be grateful to the councilman for coming to their rescue with heir own temporary permit district.
    To summarize:
    O’ Farrel is focused on problem solving.
    If he is not in meetings of the city council or committees, he is either problem solving or he is out somewhere in the district with a spade and hand trowel planting trees.
    Millions and millions of trees.

    • Sherry, you completely miss the point, and you see the entire matter through limited, rose-colored glasses.

      Also, the city has been doing all that police rousting of the homeless since the new politicians came into office in the early 2000s, that is NOT new. But this new tax — they were spending, as per the Los Angeles Times article, 80% of it on what they already were doing, constantly rousting the homeless. So, the source of the money they had been using for that was replaced by this tax, and that money is now going to whatever else they want to send it to.

      Voters did not approve that money simply to provide for shifting the money already used for rousting the homeless to things other than to help the homeless!

      Meanwhile, the homeless are being rousted constantly and have nowhere to go — this has been the city’s intentional but failed approach in hope the homeless will just leave Los Angeles and go bother some other city.

      Meanwhile, O’Farrell has been a major contributor the number of homeless. People throughout his district have been getting evicted by his policies on development, and they can’t afford the exhorbitant and punishing prices of rent in the market now, so many of them end upon the street — this is why the number of homeless has been exploding. Gee, O’Farrell let an entire 99 units of studio apartments on Santa Monica Blvd a block west of Sunset Junction be evicted — you know, the low priced units because they are just one room — in order for the building to be changed over to 64 high-priced hotel rooms, now nearing the end of construction — I guess you will tell me that shows all he is doing to help the homeless. You can expect the majority of those people now live on the street. He did this in the face of yelling about housing emergency, we need more housing no matter what — and look at his list of campaign contributor, all of it developers, construction unions, the Build and trades Council and just about every last small lot development in his district!

      O’Farrell will not even allow anyone appealing these developments to have an appeal hearing before the full council that they have to pay to have — he has the matter put on the consent calendar, meaning no hearing, no discussion by the council, the appeal is automatically rejected. This is your hero.

  3. Interesting. If you open up the link for the proposal signed by O’Farrell, it takes you to the City’s page where you can read the details, including the SPEAKERS. That is an interesting link if you want to read the names of those individuals who wanted to comment publicly

  4. These streets are NOT semi-industrial streets. There are only houses along ALL the streets in red above, except for the one block of Fruitdale St and two blocks of Blake St by the children’s gym. I know because I live there. I’m a white, gentrifying relocated Brooklynite hipster pushing everyone’s housing prices through the roof. There are at least ten campers parked on those streets at any given night. I have not noticed any crazy behavior except a ton of trash coming from one of them. But yeah – this law is “do not park your trailer in my backyard” because we do not want trailers parked in our backyard. Yes, you are being pushed out and no longer tolerated. This is how it is addressed. Go park on another street in another part of town where they don’t mind and where they don’t contact their supervisor… until it is prohibited on every street in Los Angeles and then you realize that maybe it’s time to move to Palmdale. I would genuinely like to know how many of these people have jobs to go to in the vicinity – maybe they do.

  5. It passed. Yay!

  6. Does anyone know when this will go into effect?

  7. These are NOT semi-Industrial streets. These are neighborhood streets filled with houses and people. Our sidewalks are rendered useless and dangerous with a wall of RVs cutting off the sight line to the road.

  8. As far as I know, this is an example of a council member responding to requests from the community for relief. This is not a “top-down” proposal, but a sincere effort on the part of the council office to address an issue identified by community members.

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