Ready for seitan pastrami? Vegan deli prepares to open in Echo Park

Chango Coffeehouse

Former Chango house to become a vegan deli

Echo Park — Last week we told you that a vegan deli was taking shape inside the former home of Chango Coffee, which closed last May. Now, comes word that the new place — Counterpart Deli — might open as soon as next Monday, according to its Instagram.

Counterpart appears to be connected to  restaurateur  Joshua Pourgol, whose businesses include WKNDR and Tacos Tu Madre in Los Feliz and the small Bardonna cafe chain, says Eater LA.

So, how what to expect from a vegan version of a deli?

Well, Counterpart has posted photos on Instagram showing  a vegan version of a Reuben sandwich with seitan pastrami, purple sauerkraut, Russian dressing and vegan Swiss cheese and alfalfa sprouts.

There will also be salads and, of course, avocado toast.


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  1. More colonizer food, I see. Same thing that happened to the Native Americans is happening here.

  2. So strange to me that vegans, vegetarians and the like are interested in eating something that resembles meat.
    Isn’t this pure gluten and flavorings.

    • There are many ways to make mock meats. One type is seitan and yes it’s made of gluten in a similar way to baking bread, and it was created thousands of years ago in China, and Buddhist monks call it “the food of the gods”. If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, then it wouldn’t be good for you;otherwise, it can be seasoned and prepared many different ways; it’s delicious! The photo in this article looks so good, can’t wait to try this new place!

    • Shouldn’t be that strange. Practically no one becomes vegan because they hate the taste of meat. Usually, it has more to do with health reasons (personal health, animal health, the world’s health).

      • No one ever thinks of the abused farm workers who pick all those fruits and veggies vegans eat. “Cruelty-free” does not apply to them I guess, as long as the cows are free to roam before killing them it’s all good.

        • Actually, these are things that are widely discussed in the vegan community. Perhaps its just your friends that don’t talk about those issues. The Food Empowerment Project is a great resource and tool fighting for justice in the food production system and it is vegan-run.
          Additionally, the slaughterhouse industry is one of the most dangerous, preying on the most vulnerable populations. Workers have one of the highest rates of injuries, suffer from PTSD, nearby residents suffer from breathing issues and due to PTSD and desensitization, there is an increase of domestic violence around slaughterhouses.

        • As, activist Christian Sebastian recently tweeted, “It’s true that “cruelty free” is not the most accurate descriptor for vegan food. But if that linguistic ambiguity is your point of entry into a conversation about veganism when you still eat animals, you’re a condescending ***-battered ***- fry.

  3. This sounds so good! Can’t wait to try!

  4. So excited we have another environmentally friendly, cruelty free option in Echo Park! In light of the UN recent report, in addition to already known facts about climate change and the methane gas produced from animal agriculture along with all the wasted resources associated, eating an animal free diet is the number one best thing an individual can do to help the environment. And the foods looks so tasty in the photos. Meat analogs are not for everyone, but most who want to eat a diet which does not harm the earth still enjoy a meaty texture, without the animal cruelty.

  5. Climate change is speculation. Why does nobody talk about deliberate ocean pollution, oil company dumping, etc. first before discussing the theory of climate change? Is it because that would require elected officials to bite the hand that feeds them – ie, multinational oil corporations? “Climate change” may – may – be the result of aggressive pollution and dumping, so resolve that issue first, then address proving the theory of climate change.
    As a low-to-the-ground vegan, I must ask: will the featured sandwich be clocking in at a price of fifteen dollars or so?
    Do alert, tasteful people want Echo Park to turn into the artisanal, rich kid graveyard that is now Brooklyn?
    A true visionary restauranteur offers a range of items, both expensive and pleasingly cheap, for all residents, not just the ones who pretend to work while a trust fund fuels their myopic narcissism.
    Vote with your dollars, children of the east side…

    • just chiming in to let you know i stopped reading after “climate change is speculation”

    • Guess what, all the bummers you mentioned are true.

      Just to be clear, you’re a climate change denying vegan? I’m going to guess that your club meetings are sparsely attended?

  6. And the crowd goes mildddd.

    That sandwich “meat” looks like graham crackers.

  7. Yay! More vegan food options. I’ll eating there.

  8. Oh, joy, more curated artisanal swill for the Williamsburg dipshits . . . we knew it was gonna be this or a bro-pub . . .

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