Temporary homeless shelters proposed for Cypress Park

Cypress Park roundabout traffic circle

Homeless shelters would be built next to the Cypress Park traffic circle

Cypress Park  — Councilman Gil Cedillo wants the city to look at the possibility of opening temporary shelters to house the homeless near the Cypress Park traffic circle.

The two proposed facilities would be located on a pair of vacant, city owned parcels on the perimeter of the traffic circle at the junction of Figueroa Street and San Fernando Road, according to  Cedillo’s proposal.

If adopted by the City Council, staff from several city departments would be directed to “evaluate the properties and report on its availability and feasibility to be utilized as temporary crises bridge housing.”

Officials are seeking to build such shelters across the city in areas where there are large homeless populations. They are intended to be built quickly and could be composed of trailers or tent-structures, according to the city’s A Bridge Home website.  The shelters, which would be staffed and provide social services, would stay open for three years.

The same vacant lots at 499 and 503 N. San Fernando Road that are now being eyed for homeless shelters were once envisioned as  part a new public spaces and parks that would be created near the confluence of the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco.

Cedillo’s motion is subject to City Council review and approval before staff can start studying the site and report on their findings.

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  1. That’ll make for an interesting morning commute and won’t affect traffic getting through there at all.

    • Hah, almost seems like an Onion article about Roadkill Gil… placing homeless directly in the path of moving traffic just to troll the complete streets advocates.

    • Because NOTHING is more important than how many cars can get through an intersection, right? If you don’t want anything impacting your commute, Los Angeles may not be the best place for you (and many others that comment on this site) to live.

      • Let’s just lower our standard of living because Los Angeles!

        And actually, yeah, getting cars through that intersection is important. That’s what the taxes paid for and it’s important for people to get to work.

        We’re all sympathetic to the homeless, but guarantee this does nothing to alleviate that issue.

  2. Brandon villanuevos

    so the community is not go ring to get a nice outdoor area, park instead trailers full of vagrants that like to walk around traffic, and wreck havoc… does Gil really want to extend skid row north. When can we vote this crook out of office. First he said no to bike lanes, next to parks, now he wants to build a tent city. We should remind people hat out county has plenty of land near the high desert where you could build rehab, vocational training, house people for less money than building them in dense costly city land

  3. This is exactly what our community needs. Go Gil! Thank you for being a leader. We need to support our neighbors who have become homeless or who need assistance to stay in the neighborhoods that they’ve lived their whole lives in.

  4. This is excellent news! We badly need shelters in this area. There are so few resources nearby, it’s devastating. People need a safe place to sleep and get help.

    • We need shelters everywhere, but I don’t understand why it needs to be in this area. I don’t see homeless people in this area. What you guys are doing is incubating, nourishing, promoting homeless to come towards this area. There is a river, a park, schools, and pedestrian bridges, in a middle of developing city, What needs to be promoted is Family and Safety. redevelop that park, fix the river and trail, maintain it, add viable businesses, add security.

      • I think you should look again and reevaluate your comment. There are homeless people living less than 100 feet away under the freeway, or one block over at the river center, or two more blocks over behind the little trailer park. We need shelters now. This spot will be difficult because of the traffic but something like this is better than acting like they aren’t there already.

  5. As a community member, I am all for this initiative. The homeless situation in Los Angeles is a crisis and if I hadn’t had the family that I have or been given the breaks I have been given, that could just as easily be me or any of us living out there.
    As a community, we should feel proud to welcome such a humanitarian effort. Kudos to Councilman Cedillo and his team!

  6. This is so needed for this area. Congrats councilmember cedillo for pushing for these resources!

  7. This is such exciting news! This area is a service desert and we need as many temporary shelters as possible during this crisis. Thank you, CM Cedillo for leading the way to ending homelessness.

  8. Wonderful news! As a Cypress Park resident, I’m thrilled to see the city working on real solutions rather than criminalizing poverty. Great work, Councilmember!

  9. This is great! A necessary step to help offer some of our east side neighbors a bit more stability in their lives.

  10. Is anyone else weirded out by the random huge amount of similar comments posted here on this article? Is Roadkill Gil paying for bots to post on here and say “Great work, Councilmember!”? I sure hope he’s not wasting our tax dollars like that…

    • Ditto – Very much agreed

    • Exactly, I was wondering the same thing, I’m all for helping people but I’m sure there’s a better way than a tent city, “temporary trailer” that def will be permanent after two years of city neglect. Can we please get serious about the homeless issue, and try to look at alternatives like, Workman( working class housing), housing for the everyday joe.

  11. Why would you put a temporary homeless shelter in a gentrifying area? If you don’t want to house them farther away in a centralized place built specifically for shelter and rehab, then wouldn’t it make sense to house them in a well endowed city? Put it in an area better resourced, an area more established, an area more viable, with finances to support such an endeavor. doesn’t make sense if you were truly trying to better the neighborhood. Displacement has happened x10 fold in wealthier neighborhoods and they’re the areas that are better equipped to manage and generate progression.

  12. I think this is a good location to take a look at. Even if it was to be developed under the original idea, for more parks space, I think it would be highly likely that existing homeless in the area would end up using it. And, there is already a ‘Confluence Park’ on part of that traffic circle, per the map.
    Any folks who are doubtful or think you’d be opposed, just hang on, show up to a future community meeting (which Gil’s office must have if the Council approves him to move forward with looking at feasibility), hear what’s said directly by his office and ask questions, then voice whatever you think about it then directly to him and his staff. The point is, this is just a proposal at the very earliest stage and nothing is a done deal, so if you have an alternative idea or location, tell them.
    Per the A Bridge Home program link in the article, the funding is coming from a “$20 million Crisis and Bridge Housing Fund, set aside in the FY18-19 budget, which will be distributed evenly among Council Districts. In order to access the funds, each Councilmember must identify a site or building adjacent to a high-density homeless population, and establish an emergency shelter.” The money has already been set aside, it’s not going to cost Cypress Park or any other community more for hosting one, and it would be irresponsible for the Gil to not try to tap this resource when there are clearly many homeless by and around the River that could use shelter and connection to services.

    • I agree, we will go to Mr Cedillo offices and meeting and express our concerns and dislike for this project. Here’s the deal, CD1 ranges rom highland park/glassell park down to Chinatown then towards west lake/McArthur park. Now I travel up and down this city and sure there’s the odd homeless person pushing their cart down north Figueroa. But there isn’t the high volume of homelessness that you down by Chinatown near union station nor by Westlake, and that’s because our community doesn’t have the high volume traffic to feed the panhandlers. I’m pretty sure this shelter would do wonders in Gil Cedillos other neighborhoods closer to downtown. All that this will do is import homeless population from other parts of the city, then it will become a destination for other homeless. Sooner than later Gil Cedillo will determine that the demand is just too high because of the new homeless that this temporary site will become permanent. And this is now we created the Lincoln heights and cypress park skid row.

      • Alec Christensen

        There are 165 Homeless people living specifically in Cypress Park and Mt. Washington alone, and there are 0 housing opportunities available, and that number is increasing yearly despite citywide initiatives and funding available to all communities to solve the issue. Every community needs to build or create shelter for their homeless folks, because they are living in every community. It is a lack of willingness of every individual to help those in need which creates the problem in the first place. The homeless initiative report is available, it is much finer scale than council district in identifying homeless individuals. Where do you think it might be better for all these people living in these same 10 blocks around home depot?

  13. One of the only nice safe places we have to walk around here is the river path and he wants to surround the enterance with homeless people.

    We’ve dealt with a huge encampment of rv’s and tents 3 blocks away towards Pasadena over the last year.

    They’ve were selling drugs, running a bike chope shop, stealing donations from Goodwill, scaring local residence, making huge messes leaving garbage everywhere, tampering with fire hydrants and the list goes on.

    Gil needs to build a temp homeless shelter a block away from his home and see how he likes it first before he puts this burden upon us and makes our homes unsellable.

  14. Is this what they mean by revitalizing the Los Angeles River area? Am I missing something?? If these shelters are meant for the homeless that already live in Cypress Park it’s ok, but if more homeless people are going to be brought in from other sections, then were just going to have double the mentally ill people roaming the streets and asking for handouts at Ave. 26 and Figueroa.

  15. Does this man really think we forgot about the river revitalization project. Many of us are still waiting for this project to start. Since Gil cedillo is feeding off the governement teet then we should force him to house these homeless people

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