What’s in store for the Whole Foods 365 market in Silver Lake?

Silver Lake —  It was nearly three years ago that Whole Foods opened the doors in Silver Lake to a new concept to win over price- and convenience-conscious millennials. But this week,  the company told employees it would not be opening any more stores under the Whole Foods Market 365 brand, according to Yahoo Finance and Supermarket News.

The dozen 365 stores —  including the one on Glendale Boulevard — will remain open but be merged with Whole Foods overall operations.

What happened? Two words: Jeff Bezos.

After the Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017, the company began cutting prices as it worked to shed its “Whole Paycheck” reputation for pricey produce. As a result, the price gap between a traditional Whole Foods and a 365 market has been shrinking , according to Whole Foods officials.

“The price distinction between the two brands has become less relevant,” said a memo by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey that was quoted in several media outlets. “As the company continues to focus on lowering prices over time, we believe that the price gap will further diminish.”

It’s not clear if the 365 by Whole Foods name will be dropped or if there will be additional changes to the stores.

What happens to the Instagram-friendly “Silver Kale” poster in the back of the Silver Lake store? We will keep you posted!

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  1. It was always a gruesome, Soviet-style endurance and degradation ritual, anyway.

  2. Checkout used to be a slog the first 1-2 years, it’s gotten better.

    We need a Whole Foods on this side of town, so I don’t think it will close, it’s an asset + always busy = demand.

    It may be revamped or re-branded.

    I mean what would we do without Ready 2 Go Roasted Chickens and the Prepared Foods area?!?! LoL.

  3. 365 is the commissary in a bourgeoise gulag

  4. 365 – the starter Benz of luxe grocery stores.

  5. Although I bemoan the fact the place never became an expanded Ralph’s Fresh Faire (a UNION shop), it would be nice to see it upgraded a bit into a regular WF.

  6. 365 is more like a Pyongyang grocery experience. Lack of options beyond the 365 brand but unlike Trader Joe’s, the space is perpetually not stocked and empty. There’s always something missing in the produce area and the salad bar/hot bar is a joke. Why don’t they have someone in their staff taking better inventory of what sells and what doesn’t? The old Ralphs would have been better.

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