Eagle Rock & Los Feliz business coping with break-ins, robberies | Anti-gentrifiers take over Boyle Heights bike path meeting

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A rash of burglaries, break-ins has Eagle Rock business owners questioning the LAPD. Meantime, Los Feliz shops are looking at private security to protect the area’s main drags. And in Boyle Heights, masked anti-gentrification protesters stormed a bike way meeting. News & Notes for a soggy Monday.

Eagle Rock’s main drag beset by robberies, thefts 

Robberies and break-ins are so frequent along a one mile strip of Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock that some restaurants and shop owners consider crime a cost of doing business, the Boulevard Sentinel reports. The Sentinel delves into the numbers after robbers hit five restaurants last month, as the Eastsider reported. And it’s stark. Many business owners blame the LAPD’s failure to keep a watchful presence. Since 2016, LAPD records show at least 40 break-ins have occurred on the strip between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Eagle Vista Drive, according to their report.

“Shattered windows covered with plywood have become a familiar sight,” wrote Joel Sappell and Laura Brady-AllenThe commercial stretch is more victimized than the corridor along York Boulevard in Highland Park, Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village, Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park and Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz, their report said.

Los Feliz businesses owners look to private security for protection

Eagle Rock businesses aren’t the only ones complaining about the spate of commercial break-ins and robberies. The Los Feliz Ledger reports businesses along Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz have begun looking into private security after several retailers were broken into last year including children’s shop the Reckless Unicorn, grocer Lassens Natural Foods, Hillhurst Liquor and computer store Los Feliz Hi-Tech. But the business improvement district doesn’t have buy in from everyone. 

The Ledger said recent crime statistics show the majority of the crime along Hillhurst and Vermont Avenue, the other commercial corridor, happen during business hours and are burglaries, robberies or thefts not related to vehicle break-ins. At McCall’s butcher shop, which has been burglarize four times, the owners have found one way to deal with criminals. They have stopped accepting cash in hopes of deterring robbers.

Anti-gentrification protesters briefly take over Metro’s bike path meeting in Boyle Heights 

Anti-gentrification activists briefly took over a Metro-sponsored community meeting on extending the L.A. River bike path late last month. The Facebook group Defend Boyle Heights posted video of the dramatic show from more than half a dozen activists, some with black hoodies, black sunglasses and red bandanas carrying protest posters.

The 8-mile river path extension would run between Elysian Valley to Vernon. It has close to $365 million in Measure M funding. It’s expected to be completed by 2027.

During the meeting at Boyle Heights City Hall on First Street, one of the activists took to his bullhorn to denounce development in the working class community that’s been a flashpoint over gentrification.

Much of his speech in front of the small meeting was hard to make out on the video. The audience looked slightly bewildered at first and later taking up their own cell phone video. The anti-development band left, chanting, hitting metal pails ,and one protester posted a fluorescent pink sheet that said “null and void” on one of Metro’s displays.

Outside (where audio was clearer) one of the hooded protesters said the Metro board, like L.A. City Council, “develop, develop and develop recklessly, arrogantly, turning Chicano and immigrant communities like Boyle Heights into playgrounds for the rich. That’s why this whole so-called community meeting is a sham.”

A second meeting was held at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in the Downtown Arts District without interruption, Streetsblog LA reported. Another meeting is scheduled this week in Cypress Park on Thursday, Feb . 7.

Rachel Uranga is a Los Angeles-based writer

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  1. Miles Dougal , Echo Park resident of 18 years

    Great. Hooded masked figures storming and overpowering a group of defenseless people with scare tactics and terror. Where have we seen this activity before ? Where in history? With KKK imagery in the news are you absolutely positive you’re on the the right side of your moral debate? Or are you thugs? Glad I wasn’t there

    • Miles, read the story. Not hooded, they wore hoodies! Do you know what a hoodie is? Lots and lots of people wear hoodies. But they did so as a uniform to identify them as a group.

      And how is talking through megaphone a “terrorist” act? And the rest of the people were “defenseless?” No one was threatening them.

      Wow, you are even more pejorative than Trump.

      Oh, and I’ve been in this neighborhood for 40 years, not a mere 18 — as if that makes you something better. I would not be surprised if those people had spent their entire life in Boyle Heights. You have only been around since this area got gentrified and so many people have been run out by it — perhaps you were one of the earlier gentrifiers; these people watched in horror, and they don’t want that happening to their homes, they don’t want outsiders deciding that they don’t belong there.

      I applaud those people for speaking out — which is all they did, not terrorism.

  2. Henry, you just ignoring all the vandalism? What if some Trump weirdo’s came bursting into a different Boyle Heights community meeting, interrupted the entire thing spreading THEIR message? Wouldn’t be too fun huh. Well, never fun when people don’t even understand “organization” (like the concept of it) in the first place. DBH is so riff with conflict and internal bickering of who has been there the longest, who is the “brownest” etc. Oh please….they will never get their act together. Furthermore, you have lived in the community 40 years have you purchased property? How much have you even contributed to the tax base? You know, the base they pay for your local schools with. They also get those taxes from businesses. Do you own or operate a business? Ok, if no to the to above where have you volunteered lately to help your specific community? Anyone in Boyle Heights should be focused on buying up the land! You don’t own your rights are almost zero. Just saying…its reality.

  3. While I will admit that terror was perhaps not the wisest choice of words( I hadn’t had my coffee yet) I did NOT say “terrorism” which has more than a subtle difference in implication. You have misquoted me Henry. As far as the term “hooded” is concerned I was quoting the article. Echo Park was certainly not gentrified when I moved in & I am merely a renter & not part of any conspiracy to change any literal or economic landscape. Don’t align me with Trump or ANY racist or even slightly conservative body I am part of a long lineage of progressive liberals. The article seemed to imply that the “protesters” were masked by bandanas & that has all sorts of negative connotations, implications & aggressive gestures. There are subtleties & nuances to the subject of changing neighboods . If these people did not appear to be hooded & masked and were not acting in a threatening manner then I was misled by the article

  4. 8-Mike bike path at $365,000,000? I gotta call total B’S on those numbers. As for the white-people-haters at a demonstration. No need to try and dramatize it by saying “over half a dozen demonstrators.” Just say seven.

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