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Let It Pour: Water gushes back into the Silver Lake reservoirs

SILVER LAKE — The refilling of the Silver Lake reservoirs began late this afternoon after city officials turned a large valve a few times and then waited a few minutes for the water to start flowing. After being drained in 2015 for a pipeline project, the refilling of the Hyperion and Silver Lake reservoirs will be completed much sooner than ... Read More »

Fill ‘er Up: Water to begin flowing into Silver Lake reservoirs tomorrow

SILVER LAKE — Officials will gather Tuesday afternoon to open a valve and release water back into the Hyperion and Silver Lake reservoirs, the L.A. DWP announced today. After being drained in 2015 for a pipeline project, the refilling of the two reservoirs will be completed much sooner than expected because surplus water from the above-average Eastern Sierra snowpack, said the ... Read More »

Silver Lake Reservoir to be refilled ahead of schedule [update]

SILVER LAKE — Officials will take advantage of this year’s heavy rain and snow to start refilling the Silver Lake Reservoir ahead of schedule, with the refill expected to take only two months instead of about a year under previous plans. It was only a few months ago that a severe drought forced officials to say they could only refill ... Read More »

New landscaping taking root at Silver Lake reservoirs

SILVER LAKE — Walkers and runners who circle the Silver Lake reservoirs might have noticed  new trees, shrubs and grasses being planted near Tesla Avenue. What’s going on? Amanda Parsons, a spokeswoman with the L.A. Department of Water & Power, which manages the property,  said the new landscaping is part of the final stage of a water pipeline project, which ... Read More »

City shells out $1 billion for pensions; new Eagle Rock housing development; greening up the Silver Lake Reservoir

MORNING REPORT: The city is paying more than ever to cover the cost of employee pension benefits despite efforts by officials to reduce the financial burden .... A developer is seeking to carve up the property at 5271 N. Eagle Dale Avenue in Eagle Rock to accommodate five homes under the city's small lot ordinance .... High school students assisted volunteers from the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy this past weekend during a planting and landscaping event Read More »

Overnight parking restricted on streets around Silver Lake Reservoir

SILVER LAKE —  Vehicle owners who want to park overnight on many of the streets surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir will have to get a permit or face getting slapped with a $68 ticket. Crews began installing the No Parking  signs this week on sections of Silver Lake Boulevard and West Silver Lake Drive (see the map below for details). The ... Read More »

Surprising signs and sights at the Silver Lake Reservoir

SILVER LAKE — Some new  historical markers and a big pool of water in an otherwise dry reservoir bed are attracting attention at the Silver Lake Reservoir. Dane Taylor (who took the photo above) and other residents have noticed that a big wet spot has been growing in the reservoir, which was drained last year for a pipeline construction project. ... Read More »