Sponsored Post Example

Engage readers with a story and photos about your business, product or service with sponsored content. The Eastsider sells different kinds of Sponsored Posts (here are some examples) and other forms of sponsored content to fit your needs and budget:

Front Page Sponsored Post

These Sponsored Posts resemble stories that appear on our front page and email newsletter and will also be promoted in our Twitter and Facebook feeds. 

Use the post to promote an open house, an event or share your expertise with our readers. Text and photos are supplied by the advertiser. 

 Sponsored Sections & Features

Want to sponsor our coverage of restaurant coverage, events of residents or neighborhood stories? Here's an opportunity to associate your brand and message with ongoing stories focused on certain topics or neighborhoods.  This could take the form of a small banner ad or logo and brief text message next to the related stories.

Contact us at hello@TheEastsiderLA.com for details or fill out the form below

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