Open Discussion: Bad nanny behavior observed at an Echo Park playground

Jennifer from Angeleno Heights was troubled by the behavior of two nannies taking care of children at the playground next to the  Echo Park Recreation Center on Bellevue Avenue near Glendale Boulevard.  She didn’t report the incident – which she witnessed about 2-1/2 weeks ago – to authorities but thought the parents might want to know what’s going on:

It was about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  20 year old latina nanny with long hair in a pony tail with a 6-8 month old blonde boy infant.  Another Nanny, perhaps the mother of the younger nanny is about 45 years old with shoulder length hair and was taking care of a fair skinned two year old toddler.  The two children didn’t appear to be brother and sister, but the Nannies were friends or relatives.  The younger nanny with the infant, put the baby in a park swing and was pushing the baby hard, like you might push a five yr old.  The baby was screaming and crying, then it fell out of the swing (of course!) and landed in the filthy sand on its belly and face.  It was coughing and gasping for air.  She scooped him up and the older Nanny was yelling at her (that’s why they seemed related).

Before and during the swing incident, the older nanny was “watching” the toddler girl.  The Nanny was on the phone the entire time talking and the toddler was wandering off, away from the older nanny.  The toddler was heading for the curb and the street each time.  The nanny paid no attention.  Multiple times, other women in the park (total strangers) called out to this nanny to run get the baby.  She was so into her conversation that she didn’t even care that the little kid was wandering away.  She would lumber over to get the toddler and instead of taking the baby’s hand to lead her back to the play area, she grabbed the baby by the shirt back and picked the toddler up off the ground to carry it —like a dog carries its puppies in its mouth!!  Even when she walked the toddler, she didn’t hold her hand, she held a grip on her shirt instead.  Every gesture was harsh and un-caring toward these children.

Not the kind of thing you call the police for, but if I were the parent of either of these children I would be horrified, to say the least!

Photo from Google Maps

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