The Kleven family moved into their Silver Lake house on Corralitas Drive in 1960, just in time to watch most of their new neighborhood be destroyed all around them. The Klevens and others had front-row seats for the construction of the 2 Freeway through a canyon along the Silver Lake-Echo Park border. Photos taken by the Klevens and neighbor Antonio F. Futterer, which are posted on Diane Edwardson’s Corralitas Red Car Property blog, show the neighborhood in different stages of destruction over several years.

The 2 Freeway ends abruptly at Glendale Boulevard. But highway officials planned to extend the freeway deeper into the city, where it would have jogged west into Silver Lake and then south to the 101 Freeway. The state actually purchased homes along the route but the highway project was eventually abandoned.

But there’s more freeway construction in the works. Transportation officials are planning to remake the southern end of the 2 Freeway at Glendale Boulevard, promising years of disruption for residents and motorists alike. So, get your cameras ready for the 2 Freeway Terminus Project.

Photo by Antonio F. Futterer

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