What’s more scary? The thought of your kid swimming in a pool separated from the 101 Freeway by only a rusty chain link fence or of your child’s skateboard flying into the windshield of a northbound truck? Those two visions come to mind as the Recreation & Parks Department is looking at converting the Echo Park Shallow Pool, which is embraced by the Echo Park Avenue onramp to the 101, into a skateboard park. Department official Anna Galbraith said that the proposal is still only a concept and the department is looking at what kind of grants might be available to convert the pool into a skate park. Meanwhile, next door at the red-brick Echo Park Recreation Center, a popular skateboarding club uses portable ramps in the 1920s-era building, constructed decades before the 101 Freeway cut through the park.

Given the options, maybe playing video games indoors is not such a bad idea after all.

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