Echo Park  —  One of tonight’s memorable moments at the Golden Globes was when hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg announced that the Hollywood stars in attendance were getting flu shots —  “from the Rite Aid at Echo Park,” said Samberg.

The star-studded audience looked amused and confused as a parade of men and women in white coats and syringes walked off the stage and into Beverly Hills ballroom, offering flu shots to the likes of Willem Dafoe, who didn’t seem to know how to react, while actress  Linda Cardellini was willing to take a shot.

Vanity Fair said the shots were fake but celebrities weren’t told about the gag in advance. Meanwhile, Mallory Carra of Bustle questioned the logistics of getting an Echo Park flu shot in Beverly Hills:

“Echo Park is located on the eastern part of LA, while the Beverly Hills is in the western part — and as most Angelenos like myself know, going crosstown can be made way harder than it needs to be thanks to the infamous LA traffic, so we rarely do it. In fact, there’s a Rite Aid about a mile from the Beverly Hilton — so why not get the shots from there? But I digress.”

Now that the Echo Park Rite Aid received its 15 minutes of fame, will the Echo Park Walgreens make the Academy Awards next month?

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