After renovation and repairs/Refin

Same home last fall

The broken windows have been replaced, a driveway has been built over what had been a gaping hole and the interior finished off and staged with  a truck load of Pottery Barn-line furnishings.  The  house at 3320 Two Tree Avenue, one of a trio of empty and frequently vandalized Lincoln Heights homes The Eastsider wrote about last November, has received a dramatic makeover since it was purchased in January for $270,000. Now, the three-story home with “jetliner” views of downtown Los Angeles is being flipped by its owners who are asking–drum roll, please–$629,000, according to Redin. It does look like a lot of work went into repairing the 2,369-square-foot home with two master suites and walnut floors. But at $629,000, this home that is literally at the top of Lincoln Heights is also now  at the top of the neighborhood price range.

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