Alejandra Avila under her father’s coffee tree

We revisit some of our favorite stories of 2018 as the year comes to an end. This story was published on Oct. 24, 2018

Cypress Park — Los Angeles is known for many things, but coffee production certainly isn’t one of them. Rarely do you find a mature coffee tree in the region because the climate makes it hard to produce.

That’s what makes the lush, decades-old coffee tree standing in the corner of Alejandra Avila’s Cypress Park backyard so unique. But it’s not the only reason why this tree is so special — it’s a living reminder of Avila’s father, who tended the tree for decades but never ever sipped a coffee made from its beans.

Last month, Avila posted a picture to her Instagram account of the tree’s first beans that were picked and then roasted and packaged by the Los Angeles-based coffee chain, Tierra Mia Coffee.

“This brought tears to my eyes, Dad always wanted to figure out how to harvest and roast the beans from his coffee tree,” she said

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