Highland Park  — A former French crepe place on Figueroa Street has been converted into a new Peruvian restaurant serving up fresh bread, ceviche, roast chicken and, of course, lomo saltado.

Rosty, which opened last month in the former location of Chez Antoine, was the subject of an article in Eater L.A., which profiled the family behind the operation.

Customer reviews have focused heavily on the the ceviche, the roast chicken of course and the Lomo Saltado. The latter is a traditional Peruvian version of stir-fry that usually features marinated beef, onions, tomatoes and french fries. The restaurant also offers Peruvian grocery items for sale.

Eater reports that the restaurant was originally the ambition of the owner’s mother, Alis Reaño, who had owned two restaurants in Lima, Peru, called Listo de Pollo. She had wanted to reopen one in America after emigrating here in the early 1990s, but died in 2000 before that could happen.

Eighteen years later, one of her daughters, Maritza Gomez, a former nurse, managed to open Rosty, with the help of her sisters and husband. The old name of Listo de Pollo, unfortunately, was already taken.

Rosty is at 5511 N. Figueroa St. near Avenue 55.

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