Photo by Martha Benedict

Motorists driving near the Arroyo Seco Parkway and Avenue 52 last night were greeted by the sight of a giant, metallic dragon fly shimmering in lights. The sculpture – “Demoiselle” – is the work of an artist known as Lt. Mustardseed, who fabricates sculptures out of auto and machine parts.  Lt. Mustardseed had the piece illuminated at the home of architect David Mesa as part of the Second Saturday Gallery Night. “Out of the darkness, this beautiful beaming bug greeted motorists at the south end of the parkway overpass bridge,” said Martha Benedict, who stopped by to snap the above photo. Said Benedict:

The piece had been on loan somewhere else and was not treated well. She had just finished giving it a makeover. Comparing this photo with what’s on her web site, there are have significant changes. I … don’t know if the lighting was turned on just that night or if this will be ongoing. It really is beautiful.

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