Will Sunset Boulevard bike lanes go green?

How about this shade of green?

SILVER LAKE —   Some Silver Lake residents would like to see  an approximately three-mile stretch of  bike lanes that run along Sunset Boulevard through Silver Lake and Echo Park painted a bright shade of green to increase the visibility of the lanes and cyclists. This week, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council‘s Transportation & Public Works Committee voted in favor of forming a working group to look at the idea of the green lanes, which would stretch from Fountain Avenue on the west and to Beaudry Avenue on the east.

A proposed motion says:

The goal is to ensure that bicyclists are safer where they are likely to mix with heavy auto traffic. The bright green painted bike lanes will remind motorists that they are to share city streets. Bicyclists will feel safer in highlighted lanes.

Painting pavement green is not a new idea. There are already green bike lanes in Boyle Heights and Downtown, and  the pavement at Silver Lake’s Polka Dot Plaza is also painted green (though the dots are on hiatus at the moment.)   But perhaps design-minded Silver Lake residents have other bike lane colors in mind?

The full neighborhood council must still weigh in on the matter before the working group can start working on the project.

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