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Beware of Isaac Rother and The Phantoms

Think of Isaac Rother and The Phantoms as that warm sounding tune emanating from a juke box in a Tiki bar catching fire on the Fourth of July. The sound is knee-buckling simple. Take some 1950’s roadhouse blues and let it yellow in the sun for a few decades, soaking up the years on the windowsill like sun tea.

York Boulevard: Land of boutiques and body shops

HIGHLAND PARK -- York Boulevard in recent years has become the neighborhood hot spot for cafes, bars, art galleries and boutiques. But for many people, York Boulevard remains the place to go to get your car fixed at places with names like Bernie’s, Herbie’s, Sam’s and Ray’s. In fact, auto repair is one of York Boulevard’s biggest businesses, with more than two dozen shops in operation.

Will the Arroyo Seco flow back to life?

While the L.A. River is poised for a billion-dollar restoration, the nearby Arroyo Seco seems almost forgotten as it runs down a narrow slit along the 110 Freeway through Northeast L.A. But a feasibility study now underway may eventually lead to a restoration of the Arroyo Seco as well.

What’s in store for Lincoln Heights’ Bi-Rite Market?

LINCOLN HEIGHTS -- It has been three years since Bi-Rite Market at the corner of North Broadway and Griffin Avenue shut down. The parking lot has remained vacant and fenced off while the the market's red paint has faded into a shade pink and a broken neon signs hangs over the entrance. What's going to happen with this property? The owner of Big Saver Foods probably has the answer.

Speaking in code with computer science prize winners America and Penelope Lopez

LINCOLN HEIGHTS -- Growing up in the Ramona Gardens housing projects twins America and Penelope Lopez did not know what computer science was, let alone coding languages like Python or Ruby. In January America and Penelope took home the top prize from the Women in Tech Challenge in Las Vegas, where they participated in a 24-hour hackathon, designing a body camera application that includes face-recognition technology.

A parking lot in a park draws criticism in Lincoln Heights

LINCOLN HEIGHTS -- For many years a section of grass and dirt in front of the Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center in Lincoln Park has served as a parking lot for staff and patrons. That’s going to change after $833,000 in public funds have been allocated to build a paved and landscaped lot a few steps from the front of center. But a Lincoln Heights resident is asking why the city has approved turning a section of the park into a parking lot.