Bold Box Ads

  • Bold Box Ads Stand Out On The Front Page

  • Bold Box Ads Appear on Shopping, Dining & Events Pages

Make a big impression on The Eastsider’s Front Page with our largest banner advertisement at a bargain-basement price.

  • The Bold Box Ad space is primarily for retail, restaurant and related businesses
  • Bold Box ads feature a high-resolution photograph or unique illustration that takes advantage of the space and attracts attention
  • Box Box ads appear on the Front Page in the same column as our stories
  • A version of the Bold Box ad will appear next to stories about shopping, dining, events
  • A version of the Bold Box ad will also appear on the Front Page of mobile versions of The Eastsider
  • Your ad will link to your website, Facebook page, etc
  • Up to 10 advertisers will share the Bold Box Ad space on desktop versions of The Eastsider
  • Cost: $99/month (5% discount on a six-month purchase)

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