The Sound Collective Presents

Luka Kloser

Luka Kloser is a LA-born artist, songwriter and producer who grew up between Luxembourg and Austria, currently residing in Los Angeles. Drawing musical inspiration from artists like Abba and Amy Winehouse, Luka is a sucker for infectious pop and strives to contrast sun-soaked hooks with unapologetically dark lyrics. Her first self-released single “Time”, was written and produced by Luka and has gathered nearly 1M streams, across platforms.

Cold Violets

Cold Violets exists at the intersection between the infectious rhythms of 1980s post-punk, the earnest, poetic lyricism of 1950s American folk music, and the uninhibited freedom of present-day indie rock. Cold Violets is constantly developing new material and ensuring each live show is full of surprises. What began as simply a live band assembled to perform singer-songwriter Sergio A. Soto's country and folk songs in front of an audience has quickly evolved into an eclectic, forward-thinking four-piece, constantly finding new ways to reinterpret its vast, diverse influences into something new, exciting, and full of energy. With Eliot Dewberry providing synth and lead-guitar, Wes Dewberry and Max McDonald on bass and drums, respectively, the members of Cold Violets are consistently pushing each other into new and exciting sonic areas. Cold Violets' stylistic range is fully on display in their two earliest recordings, from the loud, punk rock energy of "Temper Temper" to the soft, alt-country dreaminess of "Dummy." Cold Violets recently released "The Silhouette" EP, a collection of synth-heavy songs drawing from the band's love of 1980s post punk and new wave.


BABERS is a dark pop duo in LA fronted by Dana Cargioli & Lisa Haagen. Soft spoken lyrics open the songs like a conversation, but then build to reveal the furthest limits of their individual vocal ranges. Their live show unlocks the brighter side of their moody writing; they are simultaneously heavy & hopeful. Their newest single premieres August 9th.

L.A. Girlfriend

Raised on a diet of New Order, Iron Maiden, and everything in between, Sydney Banta takes cues from her 80s forebearers to create the powerhouse that is L.A. Girlfriend. Combining electronic and analog elements, Banta tells emotional stories of loss and redemption, soundtracked to bass-heavy, synth-laced soundscapes worthy of mending a broken heart.


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