A special evening of music is also a new kind of concert experience, expanding expectations of what live music can be. The music performed will move you emotionally and you, as an audience member, will physically move from room to room at our arts center.

The result is an immersive experience of exploration and discovery. As a roving audience member your perspective will be constantly changing, not just mentally or audibly but physically, as new viewpoints of performers and their spatial relationships to the audience develop and change continuously. Each audience member will experience four separate performances.

Musicians: Yi-Huan Zhao, violin, Bryan Pezzone, piano, Yalil Guerra, Guitar, Michael Arnold, Clarinet, Beth Park, cello, Karin Hoesli, flute. 

The evening ends with a champagne and dessert reception.


Santa Cecilia Arts & Learning Center

2751 West Broadway
Eagle Rock, CA 90041


Sonia Marie De Leon